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Schedule/Class Advice for an Indecisive Sophomore?

  1. Jul 27, 2009 #1
    I'm currently stuck between a physics major, which I am currently, engineering major, or adding a math minor. My problem is next semester, which is sort of a waiting semester since I don't have many options until these foundational classes are taken (for example, I can't take any other math classes until the calculus sequence is done or I can't pick and choose physics classes until I complete mechanics and E&M). I currently have 12 hours registered but I need 5 more and taking it easy is not an option or else I won't finish on time.

    Calculus II
    University Chemistry II+Lab
    University Physics: Mechanics+Lab
    Physics Honors Topics (for majors)

    -I don't want to do any more gen eds since I've finished them all through AP tests and summer classes so they wouldn't count for anything towards my degrees
    -I'd rather avoid any liberal arts classes since the majority of the beginner classes in philosophy, for example, are weed out classes with boring professors and loads of reading, which neither do justice to the subject matter and make me lose my mind
    -I have no academic interests this semester that I'd want to pursue

    A tricky situation and perhaps I'm making it more difficult than it has to be, but my advisor is zero help. She suggested I take art classes and got really shirty when I politely pointed out that I would like to graduate on time and not have to run around like a loon my senior year.

    The only option I can see is taking Introduction to Matrix Theory, which is a mathematics class and the only other math class I can take at this point in the sequence but that's only 2 hours, so I would still have 3 to fill. Are there any other classes that I could take at my level for science or engineering majors? I took computer science last semester and it worked out well but I'd rather eat my shirt than continue to take more classes in that area. Sorry if this sounds a bit rambling and, as always, I appreciate everyone's help.
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  3. Jul 27, 2009 #2
    What engineering field are you looking at? Different schools have different programs, but at mine they have a generic freshman engineering courses that all engineering majors are required to take. So that could be an option if it applies to you. You may also want to look at some of the prereqs for the engineering courses you are interested in.
  4. Jul 27, 2009 #3
    No idea actually, which may be my problem. I check the prereqs but they all seem to revolve around physics/math which I am already taking. I shall check out the intro to engineering courses but to my best knowledge, you can only take them as an actual engineering major. Perhaps I can ask around though :)
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