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Scholarships for second semester college freshmen?

  1. Oct 16, 2011 #1
    Is there a way to get scholarships as a second semester freshmen in college. I was thinking about starting to fill some out and become really obsessive about it and I'm only a first semester freshmen and don't have a degree earning transcript (I have a couple grades on my nondegree earning transcript that I earned from high school that transferred over as college credits with grades). Like what would I do though sense I really don't have a complete transcript yet of my first semester?
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    Talk to someone in the financial aid office at your university. They should know what's available specifically for students at your university, and point you to sources of information for more generally-available scholarships.
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    fastweb, and some of the other scholarship sites can help you out. Make it a priority to enter one of those sweepstake scholarships every day / week. Then you can enter essay scholarships and other stuff like that as-well. Some schools gives scholarships depending on your major. This kid I know was told if he maintains his current GPA, when he becomes a junior he's eligible for a full paid scholarship from the psychology department (he's a psych major)

    The best scholarship when it comes to college is this: Go to the CHEAPEST school money can buy. Financial aid will cover the entire cost and there will be no need to even take out a loan. Remember education = the individual not the name/prestige behind a money hungry institution.

    If I could do it all over, I would be in a community college or the cheapest college closest to my house so I can save a brick load of money, not take out any loans, and work while saving refunds etc.,. Then transfer to the cheapest 4 year institution money can buy, commute from home, save more money, then take out loans ONLY for grad school (will have money saved by then to probably cover half the cost)
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