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Medical Searching for the Person in the Brain [NY Times]

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    A nice cautionary tale for the layman about brain imaging.
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    Hypnagogue, you always come up with really interesting articles. Keep up the good work. :smile:
    This one caught my attention regarding the possibilities of the possible abuses of M.R.I. results. Especially by the court system. Being one of the resident neuroscientists here do you or anyone else have any opinions on the validity of the use of M.R.I.'s as lie detectors? I've heard claims done in the media saying that they can be used as lie detectors, but I'm thinking that this is a case of misguided reporting by them because M.R.I's only look a certain portion of brain activity and measure brain activity via statistics, like the article & your quote hint at. I also have heard that the court system has/ or has plans to use them in that manner, and I am not certain if it will be any more reliable that the standard "lie detector test".
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