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Second Hand College Texts Online?

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    Hey dolls and guys, do you have any good sites to buy cheap college texts second hand on?

    I was lucky enough to get the two volume Introduction to Calculus and Analysis by Courant/ Fritz for 17 dollars second hand and, wait for it, Boyce/DiPrima 6th edition Differential Equations and Boundary Value Problems worth $101 for $1! on abebooks.com

    I'm sure you've come across some good sites that help the poorer of us out. I'm specifically looking for the Blue Hardcovered Apostol Calc & Liner Algebra for around $30-$50-ish, not the $80 to $130 that version goes for.

    Any helpful suggestions mucho appreciato :!!)
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    Amazon/Abebooks (most abebooks resellers sell on amazon anyway)
    A lot of the really cheap copies are asian editions, these are printed locally on very cheap paper and designed to reduce piracy of expensive western textbooks. Same content but beware if you expect to get a $200 hardback textbook for $5.

    For more specialized titltes, Amazon.co.uk is also a good bet, textbooks are one of the few things that were cheaper in the uk - because students weren't paying $100k in fees they objected to paying $200 for a book - and with the current pound/$ rate it's even better.
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    Thanks a lot for the response, yes I've noticed amazon.co.uk to have the odd amazing little deal here and there.

    It's very true about the rates too, I'm living in Ireland and including the shipping I got two very expensive books for less than the price of one of either of them in a shop here - :surprised

    btw, $100k is ridiculous! I'm surprised so many students don't go abroad for their education, Ireland, England and parts of Europe have some amazing colleges and wouldn't be as expensive.
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    I bought/sold almost all my books on www.half.com It is owned by ebay. I have found that the prices on half are usually cheaper than amazon, but sometimes it's just about luck
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    Remember UK (and Irish) unis charge overseas students a LOT more than the fees home students pay.
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