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Second Life Continues to Blur the Line on its Currency

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    I was wondering about this when an online lady friend of mine tried hooking me into Second Life. I was surprised to find that one could apparently make money at this. Too bad I do not know anything about 3d modeling and rendering or I might be able to design virtual clothes and houses and such for extra cash.
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    I have recently become a resident on SL.
    My avatar is Archimedes Tigerfish.

    Go and visit the forums and the blogs to learn more about SL. If you like, there are Newbie Helpers on SL that will help you to have a more enjoyable experience on SL.
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    Are normal lives not good enough?
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    SL is an extension. It's about the experience. We all have an extended reality that we construct in the mind.

    I cannot nor will I attempt anyone to like the experience on SL. Perhaps, you could go and visit the SL website and tell me what you think. I would like to hear from people who don't like it.

    With SL I can make new friends and could make money out of it. I'm looking at the different workshops offered on SL.

    Please read : The Psychology of Avatars and Graphical Space in Multimedia Chat Communities

    And, please share your thoughts.
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    I have to pay bills and buy things in real life, and I just cant see the point of doing it online besides the social part of it. I played SWG for a long time (still do off and on), but I stayed away from the role play as much as possible and just did it for PvP and SPvP.

    I play Battlefield 2 Project Reality, and the only social part is squad based. No dealing with currency and things like that, just shooting and tactics.

    Everyone has a different cup of tea I suppose.
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    Second Life: New reason to join?

    Linden Labs has just launched a beta version.

    http://www.geektown.ca/2010/03/second-life-the-world-that-wasnt-there.html [Broken]
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