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Section for articles written by members

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    Hello everyone,

    New member here, love the site, but it is missing something I'd love ( or perhaps I can't find it ). I'm taking a physics course on Edx and the community TA's write up great short articles that aid in understanding a problem or particular concept. I'd love to have some sort of system that would allow people to post write-ups or tutorials on various topics. I want to learn more about physics, but there isn't really a structure I can follow on the site that would help me logically progress through topics. I know this is a forum, but I feel like such a feature, a community curated tutorial system, would provide a great jumping off point for people like me. I may develop my own site around this premise if it is not within the scope of this site.

    If there is such a feature on this site or other sites that provide such a system, I'd love to hear about it.

    Thank you,

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    Or simply some sort of system that catalogs really good posts that explain something really well.
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    Insights is something along that line. It cannot replace textbooks with their organized structure, of course.
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    I just found that section! Thanks for point it out to me. It could use some better organization. No, nothing can replace textbooks, but such a system can be a great complement to one. If you have a hard time understanding a concept, it would be nice to be able to have access to an array of alternate explanations from people of all backgrounds. Thanks for your insight. hehe
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    Feel free to apply to write for Insights. We'll review your articles and publish them if it meets our standards. :smile:
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