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A tutorial, in education, is a method of transferring knowledge and may be used as a part of a learning process. More interactive and specific than a book or a lecture, a tutorial seeks to teach by example and supply the information to complete a certain task.
A tutorial can be taken in many forms, ranging from a set of instructions to complete a task to an interactive problem solving session (usually in academia).

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  1. A

    MCNP Output Data: Tutorials & PDFs for SCWR Criticality Analysis

    Hi, Is there any tutorial or pdfs that can help me with the MCNP output data? I'm working on the criticality of the SCWR, and I designed the fuel assembly and run it on the MCNP, but I have no idea about data extraction.
  2. Leo Liu

    Learning Maxima: Beginner Video Tutorials

    I am switching from Mathematica to Maxima. Although both of them are symbolic computation programs, I think it is better to start studying Maxima's language from the basic stuff. Could someone recommend some good video tutorials to me? Thanks.
  3. Tone L

    In search of.... Solidworks Tutorials

    Hi folks, Coming from an non-engineering background, I have not taken a formal course on CAD. Is anyone familiar with any good YouTube/video series that give a tutorial on using Solidworks, 2018+? I have browsed around and I've watched some videos but they only scratch the surface. Thanks.
  4. Purahei

    Fortran Fortran Tutorials: Learn FORTRAN Easily

    Does anyone know any FORTRAN didactic tutorial?
  5. JaneJ

    Useful Tutorials for Organic Chemistry Software

    This is a post sharing some easy to follow tutorials for students majoring in organic chemistry. Hope people in related needs can benefit from this resource.1, ChemDraw Magic - an advanced video lasts less than 15 minutes on drawing molecules faster. As an introduction, the presenter drew Viagra...
  6. J

    Where Can I Find WIMS Tutorials for the Improved Multigroup Scheme?

    please is there any way that i can get wims4d tutorials
  7. AndrewRibeiro

    Section for articles written by members

    Hello everyone, New member here, love the site, but it is missing something I'd love ( or perhaps I can't find it ). I'm taking a physics course on Edx and the community TA's write up great short articles that aid in understanding a problem or particular concept. I'd love to have some sort of...
  8. erbilsilik

    Understanding Boson Systems: Resources & Tutorials

    Homework Statement What is boson? Quantum mechanical properties of bosons. Statistical properties of bosons. Applications of bose systems. Thermodynamic and statistics properties of ideal bose gas. Homework Equations Looking for a good resources for undergraduate or graduate level. The...
  9. Tone L

    MATLAB Learning MATLAB - A Guide to Tutorials and Books

    Hi, I saw some threads about MATLAB books already but the seemed a little outdated ~2008. I was curious to know if there was any good books to read as a tutorial of matlab. Potentially a pdf online would be cool as well. One thing too is I won't be taking the course at school until September...
  10. baby_1

    High Frequency Transistor Tutorials

    Hello As I read all the above links of Wikipedia about HEMT I have many problems to know better about these kinds of transistor.could you introduce me a good tutorial about HEMT transistors? Thanks
  11. T

    What are the best free tutorials for learning Ansys Fluent

    Hey there, What are the best online free tutorials for learning ansys fluent. My background : I have a background in mechanical engineering but 0 knowledge in ANSYS Fluent. Any Information is appreciated, Thank you
  12. X

    Is it worth going to lectures and tutorials in engineering?

    Engineering student here. Last semester I didn't go to most lectures or tutorials because they were too slow and too boring. However, I see a lot of people say that going to lectures/tutorials is very important. Should I go to them this semester? I averaged an A- last semester (with one A+)...
  13. J

    PLC Tutorials & Simulators: Get Started with Automation

    Please can anyone help me on programmable logic controller tutorial or even where I can buy both the tutorial and simulator.
  14. N

    Good tutorials on Algebra II, trig and calc?

    I want to learn algebra II, trig and calc over the summer but I have a terrible time learning by reading, so is there some youtuber that does tutorials or a program like code academy except for math? Thanks!
  15. Greg Bernhardt

    Where Can I Find Free Math Video Tutorials with No Ads?

    Mathispower4u Tutorials This site provides over 3,500 free mini-lessons and example videos with no ads. The videos are organized by course and topic. Looks like most links send you to the video hosted on YouTube. The format is similar to Khan Academy. http://mathispower4u.yolasite.com/...
  16. Y

    SIMPACK Tutorials: Learn Multibody Simulation Software

    Hello everyone, I'm trying learning to use the multibody simulation software SIMPACK. Where can I found some guides or tutorials ??
  17. A

    Tutorials for coil design in Maxwell 3D

    Hello people, I am interested in tutorials about coil design for Maxwell 3D. If anyone have good material or knows where to find it, let me know. Regards,
  18. B

    Tutorials for Visual Basic Beginners

    Hi Folks, I have Google'd the above topic but I haven't found anything satisfactory. I am an engineer and I want to learn Visual basic programming (no programming experience) to enhance my excel usability. Can you advise any good online sources that is geared towards science engineering...
  19. C

    Tutorials for Objective C and techniques for learning

    I have done some basic C++, like making small games in the command prompt and I was looking at developing iOs apps in Xcode but I can't seem to find any tutorials that continue past the absolute basics and the apple tutorials do not seem to help at all. I was wondering if anyone knew good set of...
  20. C

    Programming Tutorials | thenewboston.org

    I came across some good programming tutorials, and I hope they are able to help someone. http://thenewboston.org/tutorials.php
  21. B

    Neutron induced Swelling tutorials in ANSYS

    Dear all, I am gautama currently pursuing my M.Tech in Fast breeder reactor at IGCAR. The project is based on the fuel sub assembly bowing due to thermal, swelling gradients. Using a FEM software ANSYS i have modeled the Sub assembly, but i am not able to give swelling parameter in ANSYS...
  22. A

    ANSYS Tutorials: Where to Find the Help You Need

    Where can I find ANSYS tutorials? I will be really thankful for any kind of help. Youtube has some but doesn't help me right now.
  23. A

    Where do i find Tutorials on on Dynamics and kinematics

    Where do i find Tutorials on on Dynamics and kinematics URGENT i have a midterm in two days and all my notes were destroyed by a puddle of water and i was wondering if there are any tutorials and notes or video on these sub categories since i have a midterm in two days
  24. O

    Vector Algebra Help: FAQs, Tutorials, Forums

    I need general help with vector algebra. Is there a FAQ, tutorial, or section of the forums here that I should look at?
  25. Newtons Apple

    Math Tutorials. The Why not just The How

    Hey everyone. I've been facing a problem in my math studies that I can no longer ignore. I'm in college, and I'm taking a college level Algebra class, with the looming Precalc next semester. My problem with math is this... I don't know why we're doing problems. More specifically, I don't know...
  26. A

    Pro E Wildfire 4 video tutorials

    Can anybody help me with finding video tutorials for Pro Engineer Wildfire 4
  27. O

    What are the best resources for learning Cadabra?

    Hello! I'm looking for some Cadabra tutorials! I've found only the following three on arXiv. I've read the introductory one. O
  28. H

    Seeking Electronics Project Tutorials for Beginners

    I am first year electronics engineering student. I have been looking to do electronics projects . So I am looking all over internet to find the good electronics project tutorial. Most of them I found was useless. They give schematics and tell how they work and they stop there for now I have...
  29. M

    Master CATIA Software: Tutorials & Recommended Books

    how to master CATIA software ?are there tutorials available online?suggest a good book for CATIA
  30. D

    Differential Equations Tutorials

    I was wondering if anyone has any good resources for differential equations? I've been using Paul's Notes all semester but they don't cover the last chapter of my book. The chapter is Nonlinear Differential Equations and Stability. The topics are The Phase Plane: Linear Systems, Autonomous...
  31. D

    A link to a collection of tutorials and videos on MATLAB.

    A link to a collection of tutorials and videos on MATLAB. videos: *http://dataminingtools.net/videos.php?id=4 tutorials:*http://www.dataminingtools.net/browsetutorials.php?tag=matlab
  32. B

    MATLAB Where to Find Free & Accessible Online MATLAB Tutorials

    does anybody know any good, accessible MATLAB tutorials that are both online and (preferably) free? any input much appreciated!
  33. K

    Building a Toothpick Model to Hold a 16 lb Bowling Ball - Tutorials and Tips

    I need to build a toothpick model that can hold a 16 pound bowling ball. I have no idea where to begin, does anyone know of somewhere I can find a tutorial or something?
  34. A

    Any good CFD tutorials for stardesign and star CCM out there?

    Im really trying to learn CFD since embry riddle does not have a good course for undergrads to learn some basics about viscous flow..Im really trying to learn CFD since aerodynamics in general interests me alot. Does anyone have good resources to learn some CFD software ( namely star design ...

    Proposed new Sticky: ANSYS Tutorials for Beginners

    Hello all, I use ANSYS at work quite a bit and I know others in the forum propably do also. I mainly model thermal, stress, and combined thermal-stress interactions on all sorts of geometries. I have noticed a lot of the questions asked in here on ANSYS are very simplistic and probably deal...
  36. B

    Ansys tutorials based on harmonic analysis

    can i get ansys tutorials based on harmonic analysis of spring,damper & mass assembly.
  37. J

    Need tutorials on these topics

    I want to understand following, 1) Staistical Thermodynamics. 2) Equipartition theorem. 3) Ultra violet Catastrophe. 4) Black body radiation. 5) Wien's displacement law. 6) Boltzman's law. 7) Inception of Quantum mechanics. Can someone suggest any book? Or better would be some free...
  38. J

    Learn LabVIEW: Books & Tutorials for Beginners

    Labview help! Hello, everybody. I am not sure if this is the right spot for my question because labview is a ME not CS Does anyone have any good recomdations of books or online tutorial which can help me learn this software. I am currently taking a class in it, but the class has no text...
  39. M

    Suggested title: Where Can I Find Basic Tutorials for Learning Kinematics?

    Hi all, I'm looking to start developing some real-time simulations using forward and inverse kinematics. However I would first like to start with some "basic" tutorials of the subject matter before proceeding. I'm actually pretty new to the subject. Even some simple worked examples would...
  40. C

    Find the Center of Mass: Tutorials & Problem Solutions

    Hey guys, does anyone know a good website teaching center of mass? I need to know how to find the center of mass of objects like spheres, cubes etc. and also do problems such as "a man is standing on a boat and moves from one side to the other, how far does the boat move." Stuff like that...
  41. R

    C/C++ Where Can I Find the Best C++ Tutorials for Quantitative Analytics?

    well I've been putting this off for a good decade, but I really need a crash course of sorts in C++. I'm weeks away from graduating with a theoretical physics Ph.D and I am proficient in matlab. I want to move into quantitive analytics which involves building computer models to help traders...
  42. H

    Good basic isomorphism online tutorials

    How the group of symmetries of the regular pentagram is isomorphic to the dihedral group of order 10? Suggest me some good basic isomorphism online tutorial.
  43. B

    Online physics tutorials sites for junior level mechanics

    Are there any good online physics tutorial sites for students studying junior level mechanics?
  44. Z

    A video lecture and tutorials collection site.

    hi, PHers, I found a site: http://videolectures.net/ which contain a lot of video lectures and tutorials. There are a lot video there. When it is playing a video, the slides will change synchronously.:rolleyes: I'm major in Computer vision and image Processing, hope we can communicate each...
  45. D

    3D CFD Tutorials & CATIA V5 to CFD File Imports

    hi. I need some 3D CFD tutorial. Can anyone introduce some links to me besides cfd-online? And may I know how to import file from CATIA V5 into cfd? where can I find that information? Thanks.
  46. S

    Learning VHDL: Tutorials and Resources

    Hi eveyone, I am a new user in VHDL and need more practice, and knowledge about both its syntax and logic. When I googled it I could not manage to find useful and comprehensive tutorials. Could you suggest any website or book? Thanks for your help.
  47. E

    Video Requests, Do These Video Tutorials Exist?

    Hey I am looking for some video tutorials, all are level 1, or freshman level, so nothing to involved. - Vibration - Bending (Beam) - Stress / Strain - General Mechanics ( Vectors, Momentums, Torque, Free Body Diagrams, Newtons Laws, Shear Force) - Thermodynamics - SFEE ( Standard...
  48. W

    New Fourier/Laplace and Planetary Motion tutorials

    I've added short Fourier/Laplace analysis and planetary motion tutorials to my web page. First, the planetary motion page - my thinking is that the three big steps in the intellectual history of the human race are - 1. when we came down out of the trees, 2. when Newton solved the two-body...
  49. C

    Where Can I Find Helpful Tutorials on Fourier Series?

    Looking for Fourier series tutorials or even better video lectures on the subject.
  50. P

    Seeing tutorials about amplifiers

    Seeking basic tutorials about amplifiers! Hi i am looking after some good tutorial for amplifiers, and with amplifiers i mean Inverting amplifier, noe-inverting amplifier and diffrential amplifier. I should point out that i am a new about amplifiers atm. Kindly Pellefant ...