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Seeking advice on continuation of degree and other options

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    So I just completed my second year in the physics program at my university. Unfortunately, I received a C in both my Classical Mechanics and Mathematical Physics class, although I did get an A in my computational physics class. With a semester of foreign language, intermediate lab, quantum, and mechanics 2 coming up, I'm beginning to think I may not have the capacity to handle this.

    I'm curious if these poor grades in important classes are significant enough to drop out of this field. Also, my school offers a 'Physical Science' degree, which essentially incorporates all the physics classes I've taken thus far, as well as a few geology, biology, and chemistry classes. I'm curious if anyone has any insights into how many doors I'm closing switching from physics to physical science. Will this degree provide me any opportunity for grad school? Any ideas what job opportunities are available with only a B.S in physics or physical science?
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    Two C's aren't going to kill you, but they aren't good either. What's worrisome is that you probably didn't master the material in Classical Mechanics at all. I say give it one more semester. If you get another C, then it's really time to worry, in my opinion.
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