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Homework Help: Seeking help with Collision physics problem

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    Mass m1 = 0.7 kg moves with constant velocity v1i = 2.6 m/s along the x-axis and collides with mass m2 = 2.2 kg, which moves with velocity v2i = 4.5 m/s, as sketched below. After the collision, m1 and m2 stick together. Find the angle, q, between the x-axis and the direction of motion of the two masses after the collision. (Answer in degrees.)

    Not sure how to go about answering this, if someone could show me how to answer it fully it would be most helpful. Thanks

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    Re: Collision

    Well... "The x-component (Px) and y-component (Py) of the momentum are the same after the collision as before it; [therefore,] tan(q)=Py/Px; remember that momentum is (mass)*(velocity)" (UIUC Physics Website).

    Hope this helps.
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