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Selecting roots found by Solve[]

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    Hi All,

    I am using Solve[{f(x,y)==0,g(x,y)==0},{x,y}] to find "x,y" roots of "f" and "g" functions. I am only interested in positive "x" and "y" roots, ignoring all the other. Is there a way to use "Select" command to find all positive roots?

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    Yes, just substitute x and y back into f and g and see which are positive.
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    if this is mathematica 6 or above, try

    $Assumptions= x>=0&&y>=0;
    Refine[Solve[{f(x,y)==0,g(x,y)==0},{x,y}] ]
    FullSimplify[Solve[{f(x,y)==0,g(x,y)==0},{x,y}] ]

    Those two should apply the assumptions. Or maybe:

    $Assumptions= x>=0&&y>=0;

    so that it asserts x,y>0
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