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Semi-photographic memory?

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    When I look at a sequence of numbers, I can close my eyes and read the numbers out. This is how I normally remember phone numbers, id numbers and everything else including numbers. However, if I don't go through the process of reading it out within a few minutes or so, I may interchange the position of two numbers. Now, I don't think I have a photographic memory, far from it, I wouldn't be able to read out a text from sheer memory for example. Could you say weak or semi photographic? Or maybe this just means I have a good short memory?
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    It sounds like you have a very good short term memory. The average capacity is seven (plus or minus two) items that can be held in STM with rehearsal and no distractions (excluding chunking techniques). About how many numbers can you accurately retain in a sequence this way?
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    I wonder if it is possible to train the mind to generate it's own "photographic" memory? There must be techniques available to enhance memory function?
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