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News Senator Dodd Not Seeking Re-election

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    I heard on the radio this morning that Christopher Dodd will announce this morning that he will not seek re-election - after 5 terms! State attorney general, Richard Blumenthal, who is apparently popular in the state is expected to run for the office.

    Democratic senator, Byron L. Dorgan of North Dakota, also announced that he would not seek re-election this November.

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    A different Democrat will take Dodd's place in the Senate, so his departure won't affect the balance.

    A Republican will probably replace Dorgan, so his departure is probably a little more significant even if he's not well known.

    Another significant development is Bill Ritter deciding not to run for re-election as Colorado Governor. Look for Ken Salazar to run and win in Colorado. Not important in the short run, but it does position him nicely for a run for President in 2016 (if Obama wins re-election in 2012).

    Could you see the first black President followed by the first Hispanic President? Probably not since 8 straight years of a Democratic President should have people looking for change. Possibly so since a conservative Democrat could be a very strong choice if Republicans are successful in ridding their party of every single moderate.
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    dodd's a crook
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    You were cut from your high school debate team, weren't you.
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    good one
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    If Barney Franks, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid would only follow his lead.
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    that would be good
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