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Seriously Lapsed Sociologist turned Math and Physics Fanboy!

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    If I had a choice between meeting the Dalai Lama and meeting Andrew Wiles, I would choose the latter.

    So, here I am. I study math and physics basically as a hobby. I just want to know and understand more about reality, especially since discovering that reality is all there is! And it's actually pretty awesome. It just takes more work than saying, "I create my own reality!" I'm also interested in things like the Hard Problem of Consciousness, and while I'm certain Deepak Chopra is totally full of stuffing, I'm open to the idea that we may find something illuminating on that score in actual science someday. That ties in, I suppose, to my interest in Evolutionary Psychology, which I'm pretty sure is the correct model for human behavior and the human psyche, but that's way off topic for this forum.

    All right everybody. Enough fooling around, get back to work!
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    Hi OmneBonum. smiley_sign_welcome.gif
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