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The Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by IOP Publishing. It is part of the Journal of Physics series and covers theoretical physics focusing on sophisticated mathematical and computational techniques. It was established in 1968 from the division of the earlier title, Proceedings of the Physical Society.
The journal is divided into six sections covering: statistical physics; chaotic and complex systems; mathematical physics; quantum mechanics and quantum information theory; classical and quantum field theory; fluid and plasma theory.
The editor in chief is Martin R Evans (University of Edinburgh).

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  1. MantisShrimp

    Car chair impact absorption

    I do not know much about this, please help. My truck seat back cushion is 2" thick. Truck A is ~5,700 lbs from google. 2011 f-150 super cab 6.5ft bed. Truck B is ~5775. 2015 GMC Yukon xl slt. If truck A is stopped and braked and truck B hits truck A going 45-55mph creating a force of...
  2. J

    Calculating the Average speed given two speeds

    $$ v_1= 115km/h $$ $$ v_2= 60km/h $$ solution: $$ \frac {v_1 + v_2}{2} $$
  3. Emi_Garrido

    Recommended books for a physics undergrad

    Hello! I'm new here. I'm on my first year of physics at the UNAM, in Mexico, and I want to now which books and resources would you recommend me to 'survive' in the career, not just in physics, but also in the mathematical formalism for subjects such as geometry, abstract algebra, calculus...
  4. Rhdjfgjgj

    To find work done by a variable force

    Guys, please look at the following question I am aware of how to take a dot product of 2 vectors whose i,j,k components are given. My issue is with both integrals. I feel it should be '-dx ' rather than dx because x is decreasing , same as in '-dy'.and I'm taught that if x is decreasing then...
  5. billard

    I Deriving formula for kinetic energy

    Hello! I am new to the differential version of classical physics, and I am trying to work how to derive kinetic energy from some pre-assumed equations: Assume that we know: ##\ddot{z} = 0## and ##m\ddot{\textbf{r}} \cdot \dot{\textbf{r}} = 0## This results in $$\frac{1}{2}m\dot{r}^2 = W =...
  6. A

    Other Math Help for Physics Undergrad: Advice Needed

    TL;DR Summary: help with math for physics undergraduate degree - advice needed Hello! I'm studying physics for my undergraduate degree. I have a question, and if anyone can help I'd truly appreciate it. I have problems with the math part. I love physics (concepts, research, findings) but i do...
  7. hdsfhsdf

    A "The Operation Combination Problem"

    "The Operation Combination Problem" In the "Operation Combination Problem," we explore the space of possible solutions, much like we explore the different possible topologies for the universe. The problem consists of finding all possible combinations of mathematical operations that, when...
  8. themethetion

    Projectile Motion Using Vectors

    TL;DR Summary: Using vector functions how can I find the minimum average velocity (something greater than 11.86m/s) of a ball if the launch angle is unknown and if I have a point that the object must travel through (11.86, 3.47)? In my assignment, I developed a function for a lob shot...
  9. NeedFreedom

    I Gravity machine force calculations assistance needed

    Im prototyping a machine to lower liquid from a height using a chains and sprockets. Essentially liquid will fill at top, be lowered over a distance of 4.8 metres then emptied at bottom. The liquid needs to be lowered at a slow pace due to resistance on the output shaft, I am considering...
  10. V9999

    Open problems and suggestions of great mathematical journals

    Hi! Suppose that someone had solved an old but open problem in the great area of mathematics and physics, for instance, dynamical systtems, algebraic geometry and differential equations. Based on your broad experience, what are the best scientific journals to submit such a discovery? In...
  11. M

    How do I incorporate electric fields into capacitors?

    I know that I’m supposed to use proportional reasoning, but where does electric field even fit in? For whatever equation, I know I’m supposed to see how increasing the voltage by either 2 and 4 volts related to electric field. If electric field is the same as “U”, then wouldn’t it be...
  12. S

    Understanding how time derivative = acceleration

    I'm having a hard time understanding some concepts and would really appreciate some help(not super smart so I need some things basically dumbed down). In my physics lab we're going over Newton's Second Law. There's a statement in the lab papers I don't understand. It states "As you should know...
  13. deme76

    Problem set with 5 proofs involving odd, even, parity, etc.

    help me in my problem set qs
  14. P

    Education articles about Astronomy helping learning Math and Physics

    Is there any specialize articles that talk about how Astronomy can help learning Math and Physics? In particular, how observational astronomy can help in the learning process of Math and Physics.
  15. TGV320

    Studying Should I first study the math or math and physics at the same time?

    Hi everyone, After completing high school, I will enroll this fall at a 3 year technical school in China studying industrial robotics, but I still plan on getting into an undergrad physics program at a later time. (Some colleges can allow a transfer to their undergrad program after technical...
  16. N

    Fourier transform of rectangular pulse

    Here is the question: Here is my answer
  17. B

    I How do I compute the second derivative of a one-dimensional array?

    How do I compute the second derivative of an one dimensional array?
  18. T

    I Need Calculus Book Recommendations please

    Summary:: What calculus books do you recommend? Does Thomas Calculus include all the calculus topics? Hi! I'm a 10th grader and preparing for physics olympiads. I'm planning to learn calculus this summer, i self learned prior required topics before calculus (trigonometry, logarithm etc.) ...
  19. gutelily

    Studying Struggling to teach myself math and physics

    Hey! I want to study physics and math, and eventually, I would like to get a Bachelor in Physics. I quit university about 5 -ish years ago, an Engineering major...I wasn't a good student and don't really remember anything. A couple of years ago I discovered a big interest in Physics and...
  20. W

    Studying Physics intrigues me but Math makes more sense. What to study?

    Hi, I have the following problem, maybe someone relates. I am about to finish my Bachelors Degree in Physics and must say it was a very unenjoyable road. I started it because since forever I was fascinated by the "great" ideas trying to explain reality that lie behind physics, i. e. Quantum...
  21. F

    Mainstream math and physics teaching/education journals

    What are they, those that discuss textbook materials rather than learning outcome in particular?
  22. L

    Studying Self-study for math and physics or sticking with school material?

    I am in the last year of my high-school with an aspiration to do a double-bachelor in Physics and Math. I am not sure if I am capable of doing so (I am not the smartest), but it is really one of my dreams to study both subjects, so I will try. However, sometimes I experience some difficulty in...
  23. D

    Problems about magnetic field, electromotive force, induced current

    Hi, I was practicing some problems on the magnetic field and the electromotive force, when I got stuck on these two exercises. Could you help me figure out how to proceed? In the first problem, I tried to find the magnetic field flux by multiplying the induced current for ∆t and R. Should I now...
  24. A

    Programs Should I become a physicist or a mathematician?

    I am a person who likes to think deep and can't keep himself from delving deeper into concepts. Even though math is the subject in which I outshine my counterparts, it is physics that I find more fascinating. Also I feel that physics gives math a sense of direction to work upon. But I am a...
  25. heslaheim

    I Some questions in "Introduction to quantum mechanics"

    A certain field has a singularity at the origin, and the divergence of its curl is zero at any point outside the origin, but surface integral of the curl is not zero in the area of any closed surface containing the origin. So how should the Stokes theorem related to this field be expressed at...
  26. E

    Studying Need some advice -- Studying oscillations before differential equations?

    Hello there, I need some advice here. I am currently studying intro physics together with calculus. I am currently on intro to oscillatory motion and waves (physics-wise) and parametric curves (calc/math-wise). I noticed that in the oscillatory motion section, I need differential equation...
  27. D

    Prerequisite mathematics for intermediate mechanics?

    I will be taking intermediate mechanics next semester, and am a bit concerned about potential gaps in my mathematical knowledge. Long story short, I used to be a physics major, switched to electrical engineering, and then decided to double major after a semester in EE. The issue is that, as a...
  28. T

    I Visualisation in math and physics

    Hello. Do physicists and mathematicians visualise math formulas or specialised math or physics words? Words like metric space, Lindelof space, metrizable space, Gamma function, harmonic function, mathematical limits, series, power series, Laurent series, phase space, symplectic space...
  29. J

    Help with Mathematical Solution to a Single Leg Hanging Basket

  30. A

    Who invented electric potential and why?

    Why was that concept necessary ?, I know there's also a gravitational equivalent of this concept I couldn't find anything on google Thanks Daniel
  31. T

    Studying Wrong views on math and physics

    Hello there. I think i have wrong views on math and physics. Specifically, i understand that physics and math contain results on more fields that most people think, but perhaps from popular science books and opinions of other people a wrong view of what math and physics are about still remains...
  32. M

    Need some help with a fictional math equation

    Okay so I recently found out that in official canon, the Galactic Republic of Star Wars was founded 25,000 years before the first original movie. Hyperdrives were presumably invented around 25,000 BBY. By the time of the Phantom Menace which is in the year 32 BBY, Technology has stayed basically...
  33. The applications of eigenvectors and eigenvalues | That thing you heard in Endgame has other uses

    The applications of eigenvectors and eigenvalues | That thing you heard in Endgame has other uses

    Zach Star gives an explanation of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors, with some applications
  34. E

    Other Math Textbooks for Physics Students

    Hello there, do you guys have recommendations for math textbooks that i should have? The math is of course related to physics, I mean the maths that a physics student must know.
  35. B

    Math Switching from science PhD to math BS?

    Hello, TL;DR: Could it be practical to leave a PhD in Earth science in order to earn a BS in math (starting at the upper division level) if I'm tired of having a spotty math foundation and want to be able to learn anything? I've been on a slow, wandering path towards a vaguely defined "career...
  36. entropy2008

    Cauchy-Riemann Theorem Example in Physics

    I was thinking of the wavefunction in QM but I'm not sure how it's used and when.
  37. Z

    Physics Security Clearance required when applying for jobs related to math and physics?

    I have a quick query. When I'm applying to jobs related to math and physics (software engineer, data analyst, data scientist, python developer, quantitative analyst, programmer, research analyst, etc), I am seeing a good portion of them requiring a security clearance. Is this something others...
  38. mahonskey

    I Hypothetical Eclipse Calculation

    Hypothetical: Approximately how far from Earth would a star the size of the sun have to be for an object the size of a quantum particle to cause a total eclipse of that star when orbiting the Earth at a distance equal to that of Earth to the center fro the moon?
  39. mahonskey

    B Quantum total eclipse of the sun?

    This might be total nonsense, but the thought popped into my head while I was trying to get to sleep, so I thought I see if I could find any advanced help with the following hypothetical: If light were instantaneous, how far from Earth would the sun have to be to cause a quark orbiting in place...
  40. X

    Studying Need some advice: dive straight into physics, or do math first?

    Hello, So, I'm looking for some advice from people here who have experience studying physics outside of an academic program. Recently, I've started Griffiths E&M. Although it hasn't been long, I've been having an absolute blast: like, heart-fluttering, "helping me with suicidal depression"...
  41. Captain Kneecaps

    Programs Pure maths or applied maths as a second major to physics

    I am currently in my second year of studying a bachelor in physics and applied maths. My aim is to one day do research in physics. I am particularly interested in subjects such as gauge theories, AdS/CFT and gravity. My question is whether it would be more beneficial to switch from studying...
  42. O

    What's the use of unit vectors?

    Homework Statement: Hallo. Can somebody explain to me what's the importance-use of unit vector in the below (second) equation? Why isn't the first equation just enough to describe r? What's the reason for unit vector to even exist? Homework Equations: in the photos
  43. Lucas Olivio

    Math behind the Fresnel lens

    Homework Statement: what is the mathematical explanation for fresnel lenses Homework Equations: No equations were provided I'm going to post a link to one article I found that I think has the answer, but I couldn't understand because of my lack of knowledge in physics and math...
  44. S

    A Is there any theory that can be modeled in any type of space?

    Is there any theory in physics that can be modeled in any type of space (Hilbert space, Euclidean, Non-Euclidean...etc)? And if yes, could that theory also contain/be compatible with all types of (physical) symmetries?
  45. pairofstrings

    B What is in a Jumping Ball?

    I am a beginner and I know a little bit of Math. Can anyone tell me what concepts in Math do I need to know to see one ball jumping in space? I need names of the concepts which let's me realize this Jumping Ball. Thanks.
  46. cordless03

    What math and physics is needed for biophysics research?

    What math and physics is needed for biophysics research? Specifically having to do with medical applications. I am undergrad student interested in physics and medicine.
  47. Zack K

    Programs What math subjects should a physics major master?

    Throughout a degree as a physics major, you take a bunch of math courses, and it's safe to say that you should have a good understanding of all the calculus and algebra courses. But what math subject/specific course should I master at a spiritual level? Especially ones that are needed for...
  48. Adesh

    What is my problem? (Difficulty solving math and physics questions)

    Hello everyone, Physicsforum has always helped me whenever I get into predicament. So this time again I want the help of experienced people. I did a great deal of hard work for understanding the true nature of calculus. I read Newton's original works and I found that his sole purpose of...
  49. danielri1011101

    Admissions Maximizing the "goodness" of a recommendation letter

    Hello everyone, since recommendation letters are usually important when applying for graduate studies, I'd like to ask the following: What do you guys think of the statement 'The best way to maximize the "goodnes" of your recommendation letter is by not caring about it' ? I guess it's...
  50. Loubrainz

    How do I find the intersection of three cones?

    Homework Statement tl;dr: looking for a way to find the intersection of three cones. I'm currently working with a team to build a Compton camera and I've taken up the deadly task of image reconstruction. Background Theory: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Compton_scattering For a single Compton...