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The Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical is a peer-reviewed scientific journal published by IOP Publishing. It is part of the Journal of Physics series and covers theoretical physics focusing on sophisticated mathematical and computational techniques. It was established in 1968 from the division of the earlier title, Proceedings of the Physical Society.
The journal is divided into six sections covering: statistical physics; chaotic and complex systems; mathematical physics; quantum mechanics and quantum information theory; classical and quantum field theory; fluid and plasma theory.
The editor in chief is Martin R Evans (University of Edinburgh).

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  1. deme76

    Problem set with 5 proofs involving odd, even, parity, etc.

    help me in my problem set qs
  2. N

    Fourier transform of rectangular pulse

    Here is the question: Here is my answer
  3. B

    I How do I compute the second derivative of a one-dimensional array?

    How do I compute the second derivative of an one dimensional array?
  4. T

    I Need Calculus Book Recommendations please

    Summary:: What calculus books do you recommend? Does Thomas Calculus include all the calculus topics? Hi! I'm a 10th grader and preparing for physics olympiads. I'm planning to learn calculus this summer, i self learned prior required topics before calculus (trigonometry, logarithm etc.) ...
  5. W

    Studying Physics intrigues me but Math makes more sense. What to study?

    Hi, I have the following problem, maybe someone relates. I am about to finish my Bachelors Degree in Physics and must say it was a very unenjoyable road. I started it because since forever I was fascinated by the "great" ideas trying to explain reality that lie behind physics, i. e. Quantum...
  6. D

    Problems about magnetic field, electromotive force, induced current

    Hi, I was practicing some problems on the magnetic field and the electromotive force, when I got stuck on these two exercises. Could you help me figure out how to proceed? In the first problem, I tried to find the magnetic field flux by multiplying the induced current for ∆t and R. Should I now...
  7. A

    Programs Should I become a physicist or a mathematician?

    I am a person who likes to think deep and can't keep himself from delving deeper into concepts. Even though math is the subject in which I outshine my counterparts, it is physics that I find more fascinating. Also I feel that physics gives math a sense of direction to work upon. But I am a...
  8. heslaheim

    I Some questions in "Introduction to quantum mechanics"

    A certain field has a singularity at the origin, and the divergence of its curl is zero at any point outside the origin, but surface integral of the curl is not zero in the area of any closed surface containing the origin. So how should the Stokes theorem related to this field be expressed at...
  9. E

    Studying Need some advice -- Studying oscillations before differential equations?

    Hello there, I need some advice here. I am currently studying intro physics together with calculus. I am currently on intro to oscillatory motion and waves (physics-wise) and parametric curves (calc/math-wise). I noticed that in the oscillatory motion section, I need differential equation...
  10. D

    Prerequisite mathematics for intermediate mechanics?

    I will be taking intermediate mechanics next semester, and am a bit concerned about potential gaps in my mathematical knowledge. Long story short, I used to be a physics major, switched to electrical engineering, and then decided to double major after a semester in EE. The issue is that, as a...
  11. J

    Help with Mathematical Solution to a Single Leg Hanging Basket

  12. A

    Who invented electric potential and why?

    Why was that concept necessary ?, I know there's also a gravitational equivalent of this concept I couldn't find anything on google Thanks Daniel
  13. M

    Need some help with a fictional math equation

    Okay so I recently found out that in official canon, the Galactic Republic of Star Wars was founded 25,000 years before the first original movie. Hyperdrives were presumably invented around 25,000 BBY. By the time of the Phantom Menace which is in the year 32 BBY, Technology has stayed basically...
  14. The applications of eigenvectors and eigenvalues | That thing you heard in Endgame has other uses

    The applications of eigenvectors and eigenvalues | That thing you heard in Endgame has other uses

    Zach Star gives an explanation of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors, with some applications
  15. E

    Other Textbook Recommendation

    Hello there, do you guys have recommendations for math textbooks that i should have? The math is of course related to physics, I mean the maths that a physics student must know.
  16. B

    Math Switching from science PhD to math BS?

    Hello, TL;DR: Could it be practical to leave a PhD in earth science in order to earn a BS in math (starting at the upper division level) if I'm tired of having a spotty math foundation and want to be able to learn anything? I've been on a slow, wandering path towards a vaguely defined "career...
  17. entropy2008

    Cauchy-Riemann Theorem Example in Physics

    I was thinking of the wavefunction in QM but I'm not sure how it's used and when.
  18. mahonskey

    I Hypothetical Eclipse Calculation

    Hypothetical: Approximately how far from earth would a star the size of the sun have to be for an object the size of a quantum particle to cause a total eclipse of that star when orbiting the earth at a distance equal to that of earth to the center fro the moon?
  19. mahonskey

    B Quantum total eclipse of the sun?

    This might be total nonsense, but the thought popped into my head while I was trying to get to sleep, so I thought I see if I could find any advanced help with the following hypothetical: If light were instantaneous, how far from earth would the sun have to be to cause a quark orbiting in place...
  20. X

    Studying Need some advice: dive straight into physics, or do math first?

    Hello, So, I'm looking for some advice from people here who have experience studying physics outside of an academic program. Recently, I've started Griffiths E&M. Although it hasn't been long, I've been having an absolute blast: like, heart-fluttering, "helping me with suicidal depression"...
  21. Captain Kneecaps

    Programs Pure maths or applied maths as a second major to physics

    I am currently in my second year of studying a bachelor in physics and applied maths. My aim is to one day do research in physics. I am particularly interested in subjects such as gauge theories, AdS/CFT and gravity. My question is whether it would be more beneficial to switch from studying...
  22. O

    What's the use of unit vectors?

    Homework Statement: Hallo. Can somebody explain to me what's the importance-use of unit vector in the below (second) equation? Why isn't the first equation just enough to describe r? What's the reason for unit vector to even exist? Homework Equations: in the photos
  23. Lucas Olivio

    Math behind the Fresnel lens

    Homework Statement: what is the mathematical explanation for fresnel lenses Homework Equations: No equations were provided I'm gonna post a link to one article I found that I think has the answer, but I couldn't understand because of my lack of knowledge in physics and math...
  24. S

    A Is there any theory that can be modeled in any type of space?

    Is there any theory in physics that can be modelled in any type of space (Hilbert space, Euclidean, Non-Euclidean...etc)? And if yes, could that theory also contain/be compatible with all types of (physical) symmetries?
  25. pairofstrings

    B What is in a Jumping Ball?

    I am a beginner and I know a little bit of Math. Can anyone tell me what concepts in Math do I need to know to see one ball jumping in space? I need names of the concepts which lets me realize this Jumping Ball. Thanks.
  26. Zack K

    Programs What math subjects should a physics major master?

    Throughout a degree as a physics major, you take a bunch of math courses, and it's safe to say that you should have a good understanding of all the calculus and algebra courses. But what math subject/specific course should I master at a spiritual level? Especially ones that are needed for...
  27. danielri1011101

    Admissions Maximizing the "goodness" of a recommendation letter

    Hello everyone, since recommendation letters are usually important when applying for graduate studies, I'd like to ask the following: What do you guys think of the statement 'The best way to maximize the "goodnes" of your recommendation letter is by not caring about it' ? I guess it's...
  28. Loubrainz

    How do I find the intersection of three cones?

    Homework Statement tl;dr: looking for a way to find the intersection of three cones. I'm currently working with a team to build a Compton camera and I've taken up the deadly task of image reconstruction. Background Theory: For a single Compton...
  29. Smog

    Programs Any advice on a double major

    So I decided to go for two degrees instead of one so the goal is two associate degrees.One in Physics and the other in Mathematics any one have any advice on the this math heavy course of action I’ have set for myself.
  30. O

    I How to get a Chaos Sequence from this Equation?

    Hi, I have this equation about Rossler system, describe as Eq. 1. Given that the chaotic behavior of the system for parameter values a=b=0.2 and c=5.7. How can I calculate the chaotic sequence for this equation below. The equation also referred from...
  31. Digital_lassitude

    Is it possible to express friction force as a tensor?

    Homework Statement Consider the equation for the friction force Ff = m FN. is it possible to express the friction force as a tensor? If so, what rank tensor is it, and what are the ranks of the tensor m and the normal force FN? Homework Equations Ff = mFN The Attempt at a Solution [/B] So...
  32. S

    Curious about Work done by Gravitational force

    Homework Statement I don’t understand why this would relate to cosine and not sine, if gravity is often assiciated in the up and down part of a free body diagram. Homework Equations Wg=mgdcos(theta)[/B] The Attempt at a Solution Is it because it would depend on your reference frame?
  33. J

    Conditions for the applicability of u-substitution

    What are the conditions for applicability of u-substitution, i.e. when does it not work? Note that I'm not asking when is it a bad idea (that won't get you any closer to evaluating the integral), but are there any conditions that cause u-sub to yield wrong answers? I started running into what I...
  34. astroman707

    What math is used the most in cosmology/astrophysics?

    Considering one is taking all the required math courses for a typical physics degree, what math electives are most crucial to the field of cosmology/theoretical astrophysics? Also, is it true that mathematical modeling courses(discrete and dynamical modeling across physics) are more important to...
  35. E

    Intro Physics Level of Math Required for Young’s University Physics

    I am a high school student who is planning to start Young and Freedman’s University Physics out of personal interest. However, I am not sure what level of math is required for the book. I haven’t learnt Calculus yet, so I’m planning to study Strang’s Calculus alongside Young’s University...
  36. astroman707

    I What math topics should one master for first year physics?

    I’ll be taking the year long physics sequence at my college this fall and I want to know what specific math topics I should master, so that I can conquer my first year of physics. I’m planning to brush-up on any necessary topics from algebra, through precalc, and including calc 1. It’s an honors...
  37. A

    Courses Figuring out which (undergrad) classes to take

    I have spent the past few months incredibly conflicted. I just finished my freshman year of undergrad (at a 4-year American university) and I have discovered Biophysics, a field which I really want to pursue. However, I still love math and want to continue with my Applied Math major. I'm afraid...
  38. Mlesnita Daniel

    B What do I need to become an Astrophysicist?

    Hi! I just started high school and have developed a passion for cosmology and astrophysics. I would like to know if I really need to be very good at physics and mathematics (and if there is more that I need to be good at) and where do i find a job (spaces like N.A.S.A., SpaceX etc). Thanks for help!
  39. K

    Scattering angle in relativistic kinematics

    Homework Statement Considering 2 scattering particles with momenta ##p_{1}, p_{2}##, where ##p_{2} = 0## in the Lab reference. The momenta of these 2 particles after elastic collision are ##p_{1}', p_{2}'##, respectively. Due to the 4-momentum relation, we have ##p_{1i}p_{1}^{'i} = e_{1}e_{1}'...
  40. jamalkoiyess

    Courses What courses of the following are the best for my field?

    Hello PF, I am a physics junior and I lately decided on a math double major. I found the topics and classes and interesting enough to do so. Now my prospective fields are either high energy physics or quantum information. And so I wanted to tailor my math electives to help me within these...
  41. OldWorldBlues

    Basic math for air pressure?

    Hiya! I'm an ameture "maker", and recently I've become interested in air pressure and such. I thought a fun project to help me learn about it would be to make one of those small air cannons that are powered by bicycle pumps (safety first and all that). One thing confuses me though: how exactly...
  42. O

    Physics and Math

    Homework Statement You have the data of two measured variables x and y. According to a theory the variables relate to each other as the non-linear functions shown below where A is a constant. For each case, decide which variables you have to choose to plot so the expected graph is a straight...
  43. K

    Studying What math is required to "feel comfortable" with physics?

    Hello everyone. As the title says, what math do I need to know to fully understand classical mechanics, relativity, quantum mechanics... I am studying from a calculus book, but this is mathematics in general it is not focused on physics. So, apart of this calculus book I'm studying from, what...
  44. L

    Schools Did I make the wrong choice? - Grad School Advice

    My undergraduate degrees are in math and physics, but I decided to apply for graduate school in engineering (specifically environmental engineering). I was lucky enough to be accepted to almost all of the programs I applied to, but I only received one research position offer (that would pay for...
  45. M

    Two object leave the same point with different speeds

    Object A starts from the origin velocity 3 m/s and object B starts from the same place with the velocity 5 m/s, 6 seconds later. When will B Catch up with A?
  46. E

    Programs Vector calculus and E&M physics as a engineering major?

    I am an engineering major at Los Angeles Pierce community college. I have been for the last years working 40 hours a week in order to sustain and put myself through community college. After I transfer, I don't plan on working. Now, each semester due to my work schedule and life happening, I can...
  47. S

    Programs Second Bachelor's Degree in Physics in Boston

    It would be greatly appreciated if anyone can provide me with any information on pursuing a second bachelor's degree in Physics in the Boston area. Background: I have a BA in Communications (3.3 GPA) and have been a writer for 10 years. I went back to school last year in the Midwest to pursue...
  48. Jianphys17

    Rigor in Quantum physics -- Do I need to know Functional Analysis well?

    Hello, I've a following question: Is necessary know well func. analysis, and all its theorems to handle well quantum physics...?
  49. G

    Getting started with Physics and Math

    Hello everyone, My question is, where should I start? what books or websites would you recommend for me? Math and physics are very broad subjects so I'm not sure where I should start and what path I should take. I don't want to overload myself with information, but instead learn the most...
  50. Jianphys17

    Other Question on math methods book

    Hi everyone, which text on methods is better between the following two : 1) 2)