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Homework Help: Shanghai Tian Yang Steel Tube Co.,Ltd

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    Shanghai Tian Yang Steel Tube Co.,Ltd. is a modern enterprise for tube making which is specialized to make the seamless steel tube of DIN series featured with high accuracy and brightness.
    Our company has the staff with highly educated and richly experienced engineers and the employees of spirited, career loving and united employees.
    We specialized in supplying different kinds of tubes like DIN Cold Drawing and BA Seamless Tube with High Precision, DIN Black and Phosphated Hydraulic Tube with High Precision, DIN Galvanized Steel Tube with High Precision, DIN Internally and Externally Galvanized Steel Tube with High Precision, DIN Cold Rolled and BA Seamless Steel Tube with High Precision, DIN Cold Rolled and Galvanized Steel Tube with High Precision, DIN Cold Rolled and Internally, Externally Galvanized Steel Tube with High Precision
    Seamless Stainless Steel Tubes, Shaped Steel tubes, Double Wall Weld Steel Tubes etc
    Email: tianyangpipe5(at)steeltube-cn.com
    All of Our raw materials are from Shanghai Baosteel Company。The finished product is made with the exclusive process of cold drawing and/or cold rolling of our company. The steel tube is featured with high precision and high brightness. Because of using the exclusively non-oxidization process of bright heat treatment, the inner and outer walls have high cleanliness without oxidized surface. The tube has the excellent mechanical properties, resulting in no leakage under the high pressure, no deformation after cooling bent and no seam after flaring and pressing in different applications. Our company now is famous for producing high quality steel tube home and abroad. Currently, the company owns four modern production lines configured with combined equipments from China and abroad, and has the complete set of inspection and testing equipments. The annual capacity is up to 15000 tons.
    Our products are widely used in varieties of industries, such as hydraulic system, automobile fabrication, military industry, engineering, locomotive, aircraft, shipbuilding, plastic injection molding, pressure mold, machine tool, diesel, petrochemical industry, power station, boiler, etc. And the good comments have been obtained from the global customers.
    Nowadays, the steel tube has been exported to more than twenty countries and regions such as South Korea, Japan, Greece, Germany, South Africa, Turkey, Singapore, Spain, USA, Canada and Taiwan and so on. The export business accounts to 50% of the total business of company. The product has won the good reputation in international market.
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    COMPANY:Shanghai Tianyang Steel Tube Co.,Ltd.
    Address: No.4638 Jinqian Road,Qianqiao,Fengxian,Shanghai,China.
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