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  1. P

    Reinforced concrete beams

    When I convert the steel beams to concrete, do I transform the several different beams into a single piece of concrete in order to do the calculations to find the second moment of area of the beam or do I transform each beam seperately into a concrete piece? Intuitively, t seems reasonable to...
  2. L

    Help with formulas for calculating pressure

    Hi! This is my first post on here. I need to purchase an air cylinder, most likely hydraulic. The cylinder will have a forming die attached on the end and will be used to crimp two small stainless steel tubes together. The crimp will occur at an offset of .004 inches from each end of the tubes...
  3. Mads W

    Wood/Glass/Metal Help with the calculations: can a flat steel bar can hold this table?

    Hi everyone! Brand new here. I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to post this but I am terrible with math/calculating anything so I thought I would reach out and ask! No harm done, hopefully. I'm building an 8' x 3' x 2" live edge walnut slab table and am trying to create some steel legs...
  4. M

    Force between two different metals?

    Hi everyone... I work in a rolling mill that produces train rail tracks. But I'm experiencing some problems. The guards I use keep breaking. So here is the scinario. The rail we make is 40kg per meter. With a total length of around 65m. When it goes thru the mill pressure is applied to it in...
  5. prashantakerkar

    Aquarium fish tank: Glass material alternatives

    Can there be alternative materials for Aquarium fish tank instead of glass? Example : Stainless steel, Aluminium Plastic, Concrete etc If yes, which materials can be evaluated?
  6. I

    Question about A36 steel strength

    If I have 1/4"T x 12"W x 60"L a36 steel how much weight will it hold in the center before it deforms?
  7. Quentin_alex

    Discontinuous yielding in a low alloy steel

    What could prevent the discontinuous yield (upper and lower) points during a tensile test on a low alloy steel A706 grade? Thanks.
  8. JAG-E

    Steel hardness vs yield or ultimate strength?

    I have found sources that state hardness can't be correlated to yield strength, but only to ultimate strength. Other sources state the opposite. Yet other sources claim you can do both with different equations. Can someone direct me to a source that addresses my question, or addresses the...
  9. Justin Bishop

    Misc. Safe Pull-Up Bar Span

    Hello smart physicists! I'm hoping to run a span of 124" for a pull up bar, with a support in the middle at the 62" point (so 3 supports total). I'm using the Rogue P-5V Pull-Up Bar Brackets ( The brackets call for a tube with a...
  10. J

    B Does someone weigh more on a steel ship?

    Say you were on a steel ship, standing on very thick steel. Would you technically weigh more? Would the gravity pull you down more?
  11. K

    B Speed of sound in steel dependance on temperature

    Hello, Nice easy question for you all today: I would like to know how the speed of sound in steel varies with temperature. A google search didnt reveal a great deal, so if a physicist could confirm the relationship, that would be much appreciated. I know that: v = √shear modulus/density...
  12. A

    What composition of steel pipe should I use

    Hello, I work in a apparel manufacturing warehouse and i'm planning to upgrade the Jacket Hanger Racks to a rotatable conveyor. So I want to insert new Steel Pipes for hanging the Jackets which will rotate. So, the length of the pipe is 370 cms / 12' 2", and the weight it will be holding is...
  13. P

    Specifications for elephant-resistant steel poles

    This is probably simple for an engineer, but I’m a zoologist and analytical chemist and so I would rather ask those who know. I have camera traps out on the African bush, that are monitoring the responses of leopards to artificial scents. The cameras are in steel boxes to protect them from...
  14. W

    Steel tables for calculating axle diameter

    I'm in the process of calculating an axle diameter by using the bending moments which are created with the applied force on the end. In order to design my axle to be efficient, I believe I need to use the following equation. Sx = M/Fy Sx being Plastic Modulus Fy being Tensile strength of my...
  15. J

    B Force required to bend/dent aluminum

    For my physics class we have to show an example of bad physics in a movie. I am doing Mad Max 2: The road Warrior and the scene where the gyro captain crashes his ultralight helicopter but the helicopter is completely undamaged as he drives it later in the movie. I need to know what the force to...
  16. E

    Calculating steel round bar's max capacity to support?

    First off, I am new to this forum.. However I wanted To find out if anyone would be able to help me calculate How much a steel bar (2 in. In diameter, 5 ft. Lengthwise) Would be able to hold up without bending?
  17. S

    Writing: Input Wanted A Magic Compass & Real Magnetism

    Hello! I'm looking for some help regarding magnetism and how it might work (or be fictionalized) in regards to a "magic" compass. I have two questions. Please excuse my complete scientific ignorance :) In my story, our young hero has a compass. The compass needle just spins in endless...
  18. G

    How to figure out how much weight an object can support

    Hi, I need to figure out how much weight a 5 foot steel pipe will support before becoming unsafe. I am building a series of out door pull up bars for my neighborhood as an eagle project. I need to buy the right pipe/tube that will be sturdy enough but not have too big of a diameter that you...
  19. W

    I Multi-level extendable hammock posts

    Hi folks, I recently moved to a new house with a small backyard/patio. It's roughly 25ft x 25ft, mostly concrete bordered by an L-shaped earth area. I'd like to place three hammock posts as shown in the first image. We like to dream big and want these posts tall enough to support two hammocks...
  20. A

    What is the latent heat for medium carbon steel

    I'have searched a lot but could not find latent heat for any kind of medium carbon steel for latent heat from solid to liquid and from liquid to gas. Also I want to know the corresponding melting point and boiling point for that know of steel. Any link for a table would be greatly appreciated...
  21. S

    What is the req.thickness of sheet metal to prevent buckling

    My project involves making a 5 ft*3 ft*4 ft (l*b*h) aluminium/stainless steel sheet metal box at the back of a slow moving pedal vehicle. There is no load on the sheet metal, except from small vibrations from road travel. My question is: 1. What gauge of sheet metal thickness would be enough...
  22. U

    Approximate mass of special alloys in a nuclear reactor?

    Approximately, what is the total mass of these materials that is contained in a "typical" Gen III or III+ PWR (e.g., EPR, AP1000...)? 1/ Zr alloy (fuel cladding and other assembly components)? 2/ Ag-In-Cd alloy (control rods)? 3/ Gd (burnable neutron absorber)? 4/ Ni-based alloys? 5/ Stainless...
  23. B

    Heat transfer in a large steel box

    If I have a large steel box that is 27ft x 8ft x 8ft and has 7 in thick walls with 4 non-insulated windows each 1ft by 1ft, where does heat escape from inside the box, is it the windows and the walls? So if the inside temperature needs to be 72 F and the outside air is 0 F how much heat would...
  24. A

    Shoulders on railway tracks concrete sleepers

    Hi, I want to ask the shoulders that are used on railway tracks concrete sleepers, should they be forged or ductile cast and why? If someone can post an article it'll be great. Thank You for your help and support.
  25. A

    Shock absorption properties better from casting or forging?

    Hi I want to ask which of the cast steels or forged steels provide with better shock absorption? The component has to be used in the under chassis of heavy trucks in bumpy roads. Can anyone help me with that? Thank You
  26. jmex

    Casting grades for different materials

    Hello, I am confused with casting grades of different steel,for example 316 SS has casting grade CF8M. What does it mean and where can i find grades of other materials as well like 316L, 304L. 304, CS, etc. Any data sheet showing grades for every material will be helpful. Thanks
  27. Tim Allen

    Help with designing horizontal framework for UDL

    Hi, For my engineering project for college I am designing a rotating table/steel frame structure for supporting a mild steel panel which weighs 180kg. My previous experience with UDL's has only been in using a 2D beam like situation to calculate how the load is spread, bending of the beam and...
  28. J

    Square tube sizing for a load

    I need to make a steel beam ( or aluminum) of square tube ( box beam) 10 feet long with a balance point 2 feet from one end. The short end will have 60 lbs on it and the long end will have 30 lbs. how thick of a wall will the square tube need to be to hold the static load?
  29. R

    Relative cost of some alloys

    Does anyone have an approximate idea of the relative cost of the following allows / metals: Titanium SS904L 2205 Duplex Steel 6Mo (Super Austentic Stainless Steel) Alloy 400 SS316L (just as a convenient reference price) Of course, I'm not looking for accuracy just approximate price ratios...
  30. D

    How do you create pitted corrosion on steel with acid?

    Hi there, Wondering if anyone knows how to create pitting in steel with acid as the only method I know takes about 20 years and burying steel in the ground, not very ideal so was looking towards acid as I've heard of other people using it as an oxidizing agent to create corrosion on steel but...