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Should I bother getting either of the associates degrees I almost qualify for

  1. Jul 7, 2010 #1
    I started out at a community college because I got a scholarship that would pay me $13,000 if I did. I was able to transfer for next fall, but not graduate from their because I needed some dumb requirements they had for PE and Political Science. I can get an associates in my intended major of Biological Science and another in Mathematics If I also take Differential Equations which I most likely will take at my new school.
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  3. Jul 7, 2010 #2
    If you're getting a Bachelor's degree, an Associate's degree will do absolutely nothing for you, ever. Don't bother if you have to go to any extra work.
  4. Jul 9, 2010 #3
    Sometimes, there are scholarship opportunities if you actually finish the associates degree, but you've already got the scholarship, so that doesn't apply to you.

    The reason I got my AA degree was specifically for a scholarship opportunity. Plus, it guaranteed admission to a particular state college.

    Besides that, I can't think of a reason.
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