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Should i continue my studies in the field of physics?

  1. Dec 7, 2012 #1
    I am currently an undergraduate student and majoring in Physics BS. I am looking forward to have a PhD degree in Physics and become physicist.

    However, I am currently going through some financial and personal problems that probably will not allow me for now to continue studying Physics.

    I have a very good knowledge of Database development/administration. I think i can easily get a job in that field to solve my financial problems. However, those jobs are full-time jobs that even make it impossible to study Physics part-time.

    I am thinking about dropping out of college and get a job for now. Once my problems are solved, I continue going to college to study Physics and become physicist.

    I am 21 right now. My questions is that if i will ever be able to continue my studies once i solve my problems through full-time job or should i keep a full-time/part-time studies while i have a full-time job of database development?

    Is it a good idea to drop out of college when you are studying in the field of Physics?

    I have very good grades in my Physics courses even my current GPA is 3.67 out of 4.0.
    I don't want to drop out of college but i have no other choice.

    If you have gone through same kind of problems in your life, please share your experience.
    Any help/advice will be deeply appreciated! Thank You!!!
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    You aren't giving us a lot to go on. If your finances force you to drop out, then they force you to drop out. If it's a necessity, then we can't help you to weigh the disadvantages of leaving school temporarily against anything else.
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