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Should I Retake Physics I at University?

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    I am a senior going to a university in the Fall and I was wondering if I should retake General Physics I, which I took at community college, at a university rather than moving on to General Physics II. I got a B in Physics I, so I did alright considering tests were 70% of our grade and Quizzes were 20%. I feel like I learned the material, but would there be an advantage to retaking it at university?

    Should I move on to Physics II or Take Physics I again? Also, Is Physics II harder than Physics I?
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    The only time I would recommend retaking a class is if you feel you did not learn the material well, or if the class you took was algebra-based and you need to switch to the calculus-based series.

    Can't say if Physics II will be harder than Physics I for you - what's hard for one person can be easy for another.
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    Take a look at the Physics I class at your university. See if you can find the homework assignments, quizzes and exams (ask the professor if necessary). Try to solve them, especially the final homeworks and exams. If you're comfortable doing this, then don't retake the class.
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