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Should I retake pre-calc before calculus 1

  1. Jan 31, 2017 #1
    I have taken precalculus class a few years ago. I finally took calculus 1 and the same school just last quarter and got a 3.2. I had a pretty cool teacher. I'm transferring to a four year school and have to retake calculus 1, but I'm contemplating on retaking a pre calculus at the four year school. Honestly I don't think the 3.2 reflects my knowledge of calculus. I feel that knowing what to expect drives me to go into calculus 1 but a little voice is telling me maybe brush up on some precalculus so that I'm not in a hole. The reason it did not transfer is we never covered intergration at my community college. The four year university has intergration in its calculus 1 course. Thoughts?
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    Not sure what goes in the courses in your part of the world. Retaking Calculus 1 would be necessary. The course introduces you to limits of functions, gives a good study of differentiation and the derivative, and begins the study of the integral and gives you the beginning skills of integration.

    You could study all of Pre-Calculus on your own, not enrolling in the course. You already have the credit. You just need to renew you skill and knowledge.
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    Check the site videos at mathispower4u.com. They have a series on precalculus topics as well as calculus 1 2 and 3. They are all free to view and run about 10 minutes each.
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    I recommend ALEKS precalculus and Coursera Calculus One.
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