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Programs Should I take an extra year to finish my degree?

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I'm going to be dropping a course and I'm only going to take 4 courses per semester. 5 courses is too much for me. I can do it, but it's very stressful.

Semester 1: 5 courses
Semester 2: 4 courses (going to drop a course tomorrow)
Semester 3: 4 courses
Semester 4: 4 courses
Semester 5: 4 courses
Semester 6: 4 courses
Semester 7: 4 courses
Semester 8: 4 courses

At the end of semester 8, I will have 6 required courses from my degree to complete and 4 liberals. I guess I could do the following:

Semester 9: 3 courses 2 liberals
Semester 10: 3 courses 2 liberals

Is this kind of stupid? I'll need to take an additional year to finish my degree.

How much time is needed for a liberal? Is 1 liberal equivalent to 1 course in calculus or physics?


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Is a "liberal" the same thing as a GenEd (general education requirement) or core? If so, have you thought about taking them during summer school? I did this for three summers, taking core courses, because I had a double major going.
Nothing wrong with staying an "extra" year (5 years is the average).

I'm glad I did because it allowed me to get an internship only available to current undergrads.

So I say enjoy it while it lasts and don't feel bad.

Some Liberal Arts course can be a bother since they require lots of reading and writing that you may find boring, but they are much easier.

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