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Should I take physics as a sophomore?

  1. Dec 9, 2014 #1
    so currently, I am a freshman and I'm taking honors algebra 2. I'm also in honors chem and honors bio (idk if that makes a difference).
    next year, I plan to take trig and pre-calc so I can take physics as well, which has trig & pre-calc as prerequisites/corequisites.
    I really do want to take physics as soon as possible so I can get the basics down, but will I understand it all?

    by the way, this is the only physics class my school offers.
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    You're in high school, right?

    Since this is the only physics class your school offers, I would wait to take it until after you have finished trig and precalc. This would mean taking physics no earlier than junior year.

    Are you planning to major in physics in college/university? If so, you should probably avoid a year-long gap (or even more) in your physics studies.
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    yeah, I am in high school and I plan to major in physics.
    do I really have to wait until junior year? if it's because of the math, I'll honestly have no problem. however, if it's because of the topics themselves, then that's what I was worried about.
    also, if I took some physics classes at a community college as a junior/senior, that would get rid of the gap, right?
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