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Should i take this pass/no pass?

  1. Nov 6, 2008 #1
    i'm taking real analysis honors and its too late to drop the class. i realized after taking this that pure math isnt for me. i intend to either go into engineering, physics, or finance. will taking this class for pass/no pass look bad to employers or grad school admissions?
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    It'll look better to take it pass/no pass (assuming you still expect to pass) than having a grade of "barely passed" if that's your concern. Future employers or grad schools won't know the course was offered with other options, or you didn't start out that way, unless there will be some indication on your transcript of that. If it's no longer required for any of your future plans, even less harm done.
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    ha i have no clue
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    ok, it turns out i do have the option of dropping the class, but it'll show up as a small notatino on my transcript. i still dont know whether i want to keep the class or not, because if i drop it, i'll have only 8 units this semester, and even though i'll still meet the unit minimum requirement, i'll now have alot of free time and dont know what to do with it, other than working full time for just this semester

    you guys have any advice?
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    Vanadium 50

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    Dropping the class doesn't mean you have to stop attending class and doing the homework.
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    why would i? i made the mistake of enrolling in this class when pure math isnt right for me. i need advice to prepare for a career either in physics, engineering, or finance

    any advice for what to do for the rest of this semester, in which im taking only 8 units?

    i've been thinking of doing undergrad research again, even though i didnt really enjoy my reu that much
  8. Nov 11, 2008 #7
    would it make any sense to keep this class if i end up getting an applied math degree? will employers look down on the fact that i dropped a class? or will employers really care if i end up with only a c- and my resulting gpa is drops from the 3.8 range to the 3.5 range?
  9. Nov 11, 2008 #8


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    Applied math is almost all based on analysis. If you're going to go to grad school, you're going to have to learn it eventually...
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    yea but this is the honors class, which is supposed to resemble the grad level course. the non-honors is much easier
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