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Suggestion Should mentors and moderators be separate?

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    Perhaps mentors and forum moderators should be separate, or at least maybe mentors should not be permitted to moderate threads that they participate in.

    Regarding this thread….


    Schild: was a very highly respected figure in GR.
    MTW: support Schilds argument, or they wouldn’t have put it in their book.
    John Baez: has no problem with Schild’s premise, or he wouldn’t say that his proof of it is probably correct, without even wanting to know what it is.

    Now at least two forum members who agree with Schild’s argument have been banned from this thread, even though they are competent and present solid arguments. Denis and RockyMarciano.

    What remains are either people who are in agreement with PeterDonis, or people who gently argue with him so as to not ruffle his feathers.

    If it was anyone else s thread, Peter would have closed it a long time ago, as he enjoys doing to other people’s threads.

    “Question answered. Thread closed.”
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    Please remember that the Mentors review each other's actions in threads and we all see the same Post Reports from members. I think it's fair to say that we support Peter's work here.
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    Mentors are essentially moderators in the forum sense. Thanks for your feedback. We generally don't discuss moderation matters publically. Please contact a mentor or report the thread if you see a problem. Thanks!
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