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Showing that the following isn't complete

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    Let's have a look at [tex]\left\{ \neg,\equiv\right\}[/tex]. How could one show that this isn't complete?

    I've tried finding some sort of invariance that propositions built with these might have, but I couldn't find anything... I'm going crazy! :smile:
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    The set {~,<->} is inadequate.

    Proof? You might try to prove that operator -> can't be expressed by any combination of the operators ~ and <->.

    A start would be to show that the truth table for any proposition that is made up of 2 or more propositional
    symbols and only the operators ~ and <-> must have an even number of ones and an even number of zeros in its last column (call it the even property). I think it's pretty clear this would have to be done by induction.

    Then argue that since -> has the odd property it can't be expressed using only ~ and <->.

    (The operator -> could be replaced by either V or &.)
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    Thanks, I did do this eventually, and just came back here now to thank anyone that might have answered.

    So thanks!
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