B Shrødinger equation & electrons jumping between atoms

(I have very little training in Quantum mechanics)

Can the Shrødinger equation show the probability distribution of the electron when it jumps from one atom to another, like in a circuit f ex.



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Does a yes or no answer to this really help you ? Mine would be: in principle yes but in practice not. Better to study solid state physics and learn about valence bands and conduction bands is my guess.

What do you have in mind ?
I guess I'm curious to how an electron actually moves inside a wire, and I know we can't know exactly where it is, but I guessed you could make a simulation on how the probability distribution for one electron changes along the wire/along a grid of atoms... And if the scrødinger equation can tell you the distribution given any surrounding state of the electron (other electrons, and protons), I figured it is actually possible to get a clearer view of how the electron moves...
Depends on your definition of the Schroedinger equation. You can certainly analyze this with a tight binding model but the Hamiltonian won’t really resemble your ordinary position space Hamiltonian.

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