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Sign of the gyromagnetic ratio

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    Hi, I have posted this doubt in other forums and people don't know the answer. (sorry if my English is not very good!)

    Let's see: to obtain the operator for the magnetic moment component of a particle, we have to apply a few factors to the spin operator, and one of them, the so-called 'gyromagnetic ratio' can be positive or negative depending on the particle, for example it is positive for protons and negative for neutrons.

    Does this sign have any observable effect?
    Thanks in advance,

    (Maybe this should be in the nuclear and particle sub-forum?)
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    Meir Achuz

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    The sign has a measurable effect.
    It enters in adding the magnetic moments of the p and n to calculate the magnetic moment of the deuteron.
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    It does have a measurable effect. The sign of the gyromagnetic ratio determines the direction with which the spin precesses in a magnetic field. If the spin is used as a gyroscope to determine the rotation rate of the apparatus, then the sign of the frequency shift depends on the sign of the gyromagnetic ratio.
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