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Simple home-made hydrogene compressor

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    I would like to buy or build a small hydrogen compressor to fill a little 5L tank after electrolysis (releasing oxygen free to the air, just compress H to 200-300 PSI).
    All looks fairly doable except for the compressor priced at $20K+. I thought to get it for a small fraction of that price and it would be nice to get any advice on it.
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    Although you might be qualified to handle all the ingredients you mentioned (inflammable gases, high pressure) - a fact we cannot assess - it is far too dangerous to be debatable here (on the internet). We do not know about your qualification nor do we know anything about your intentions. But even more important, we cannot take responsibility for answers that might serve as a blueprint to other readers. Depending on the goals someone pursues, any help on this issue might even be illegal!

    Personally, I strongly recommend to avoid such risks on a non-professional basis. People lost their lives on less.

    The reason why it is dangerous (and possibly the reason for the high costs of professional equipment) can be read on the corresponding Wikipedia page:


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