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Simple latex notation question

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    Is there a symbol in latex for a divide bar that works with absolute values? The problem is for example if you want to write [itex] |a|[/itex] divides [itex] |b|[/itex]. It ends up looking horrible because you can't tell the difference between the abs value signs and the divide bar...

    [tex]|a| \vert |b|[/tex]

    Any suggestions?
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    You can use \frac [tex] \frac{|a|}{|b|}[/tex] or if you want to do it the way you want with space use \quad or \qquad or more recommended is \, \: \; [tex] |a| \, \vert \, |b| =|a| \: \vert \: |b| = |a| \; \vert \; |b| = |a| \quad \vert \quad |b| =|a| \qquad \vert \qquad |b| [/tex] or \div [tex] |a| \div |b| [/tex]. Possibilities are endless really. I like \fraq personally, I find it more readable. I know there is also one that does like x/y but I never use it so I cant remember.

    Hope this helps
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    Oh ok I see, that does help. Thanks.
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