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LaTeX Simple LaTeX question, line-spacing equations

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    So the only way I know is

    \ begin{align}
    f &= ma\\
    E &= mc^2\\
    \ pi &\ text{ is exactly three!}
    \ end{align},

    But this labels them, and I dont want them labelled........

    Any assistance really appreciated, thank you !
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    To stop the (1.2) and so on labeling, simply add the * symbol.
    \ begin{align*}
    \ end{align*}
    Rather than align, you can also use {equation*}
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    thank you so much , and is there anyway to quickly align it to the left or right rather than the centre?
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    Well, you could use & to push everything to the left in flalign.
    \ begin{flalign*}
    a &= bcdef & \\
    &= ghij + klmn
    \ end{flalign*}

    Or if you want two formulas in single line on left and right, you could use minipage

    \ begin{minipage}{0.5\linewidth}
    \ begin{equation*}
    \ end{equation*}
    \ end{minipage} \hspace{0.5cm}
    \ begin{minipage}{0.5\linewidth}
    \ begin{equation*}
    m=\frac{Q}{e}=\frac{Pd}{v\eta e}
    \ end{equation*}
    \ end{minipage} \hspace{0.5cm}
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    Sometimes you will probably want the last line to be numbered. Then you can remove the * (i.e. use align rather than align*) and end each line with \nonumber\\ instead of just \\. It gets annoying to type that every time, so you also consider adding something like "\newcommand{\nn}{\nonumber}" to the start of your LaTeX document. Now you can end each line with \nn\\.
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