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Simple (macroscopic) Cantilever in a Fluid with COMSOL

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    So I feel like this should be a simpler problem than most with COMSOL...

    I have a simple cantilever (anchored at one end) with a force at some point source which is making it vibrate at some frequency. This is a macroscopic cantilever, so you can ignore viscosity (and most of the other Navier Stokes things). It is in a fluid, say water or air, for now. How can I find the eigenfrequencies, or resonant frequencies of that cantilever in water?

    Like I said, it seems as if it should be easy. All the examples that COMSOL provides seem to be of very complex things. It is great that they are showing off their software and all it's power, but I would love to know how to do this to increase my understanding of the software.

    Thanks very much to any responses in advance
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    I'll bump one more time for good measure.
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