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Simple Moment of Inertia question

  1. Dec 6, 2006 #1
    Rotating a massless rod of length R about the midpoint of the rod with a mass of 2m attached to one end and a mass of m to the other. What is the moment of inertia?

    My book is terrible at giving good examples, there's nothing similar to this.

    Do I treat them as two seperate point particles, take the moment of inertia of each around the axis and add them? (2m*(r/2)^2) + (m*(r/2)^2) I'm assuming I can treat them as points, the drawing has the masses as clearly different sized spheres, but says nothing about their radius or anything of that nature.

    Thanks in advance guys.
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    I think I have it right, would still appreciate confirmation though, thanks guys.
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    Your concept is correct, but I think you meant diameter instead of radius for the term r used in your equation.
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    Actually the book used R as the length of the rod, I probably shouldn't have used lower case there, sorry about the confusion. Thanks again.
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