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Simscape help -- make a beam tangent to eccentric axis

  1. Aug 4, 2017 #1
    hello everyone,

    I'm trying to model a system in simscape using the simMechanics blocks.
    The system im trying to model is: a ball bearing connected eccentrically to a motor axis. On that ball bearing lays a beam. The edge of the beam is connected to an axis. so, the system looks like this:

    I managed to model all the elements, but I don't know how to keep the beam tangent to the ball bearing.
    motor = blue, motor axis = cyan and purple
    upload_2017-8-4_23-8-24.png upload_2017-8-4_23-10-4.png upload_2017-8-4_23-10-45.png
    Right now the beam (orange) just pass through the ball bearing (green)

    any idea how to do it?
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    Essentially you have a cam-follower problem. Would it not be more useful to analyze the problem and then use whatever software is more most appropriate for the solution?
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