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Sine function, need some help understanding its meaning.

  1. Nov 9, 2014 #1
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    Hi when we look at the function

    Sin(35) = opposite/ hypotenus

    I know i can find the opposite side by
    Sin(35 degree) * hypotenus

    But the value of sin(35 degree) = 0,6293 so my question is this:

    The sine function tells us that if we divide opposite side by hypotenus the ratio is 0.6292:1
    But if we take the sine function to 35 degree Sin(35) does this then tell us "that the sine to 35 degree in the unit circle gives us a value on the y-axis of 0.6292?)

    So the sine function can visualized in terms of 1) relationships between sides and 2) the y-value reading of an angle in a unit circle?

    Is this correctly understood?
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