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Single vehicle tracking using Fourier transform-MATLAB

  1. Jun 7, 2015 #1
    I am working on a project which is based on importance of phase only reconstruction of a signal obtained from fft.

    Now ,I have detected vehicles from the Video of Traffic on road taken using stationary camera ( Please download the 1.47 MB video for testing MATLAB Code by ( step1) click on the play button then (step2) right clicking on video then ( step3 ) click on save as option )

    If you run the code in MATLAB, you can observe that I am quite successful in detecting all the vehicles in each video frames. But now I want to do tracking of only one vehicle with changes in my code.

    So can anybody help me how to detect single vehicle by doing changes in my MATLAB Code ?

    Code (Matlab M):
    clear all;
    close all;

    %read video file
    video = VideoReader('D:\dvd\Matlab code\test videos\5.mp4');

    T= video.NumberOfFrames  ;           %number of frames%

    frameHeight = video.Height;          %frame height

    frameWidth = video.Width ;           %frameWidth

    get(video);                          %return graphics properties of video


    for t=300:15:550  %select frames between 300 to 550 with interval of 15 from the video
        frame_x(:,:,:,i)= read(video, t);

        %imshow(f1),title(['test frames :' num2str(i)]);
        frame_z=rgb2gray(frame_y);                 %convert each colour frame into gray

        frame_m(:,:,:,i)=frame_y; %Store colour frames in the frame_m array

        %Perform Gaussian Filtering
        h1=(1/8)*(1/8)*[1 3 3 1]'*[1 3 3 1]  ;   % 4*4 Gaussian Kernel

        Filtered_Image_Array(:,:,i)=g1; %Store filtered images into an array

    %Apply 3-D Fourier Transform on video sequences

    %Compute phase spectrum array from f_transform
    phase_spectrum_array =exp(1j*angle(f_transform));

    %Apply 3-D Inverse Fourier Transform on phase spectrum array and
    %reconstruct the frames


    for t=1:k-1

        %Smooth the reconstructed frame of Î(x, y, n) using the averaging filter.
        H = fspecial('disk',4);
        circular_avg(:,:,t) = imfilter(Reconstructed_frame_magnitude,H);

        %Convert the current frame into binary image using mean value as the threshold
        binary_frame = im2bw(circular_avg(:,:,t),1.6*mean_value);

        %Perform Morphological operations
        se = strel('square',3);
        morphological_closing = imclose(binary_frame,se);
        morphological_closing=imclearborder(morphological_closing); %clear noise present at the borders of the frames

        %Superimpose segmented masks on it's respective frames to obtain moving
        moving_object_frame = frame_m(:,:,:,i);
        moving_object_frame(morphological_closing) = 255;
        imshow(moving_object_frame,[]), title(['Moving objects in Frame :' num2str(i)]);

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  3. Jun 8, 2015 #2
    So my question is that is it possible to
    detect a single vehicle and perform
    tracking of it using Fourier transform ?

    1. Should I 1st detect all the
    vehicles and perform tracking of
    single vehicle from it ?


    2. Is it possible to detect only one
    vehicle and perform tracking from
    it ?
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