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A vehicle (from Latin: vehiculum) is a machine that transports people or cargo. Vehicles include wagons, bicycles, motor vehicles (motorcycles, cars, trucks, buses), railed vehicles (trains, trams), watercraft (ships, boats), amphibious vehicles (screw-propelled vehicle, hovercraft), aircraft (airplanes, helicopters) and spacecraft.Land vehicles are classified broadly by what is used to apply steering and drive forces against the ground: wheeled, tracked, railed or skied. ISO 3833-1977 is the standard, also internationally used in legislation, for road vehicles types, terms and definitions.

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  1. J

    Solar panel conundrum -- Not enough power?

    I have a student trying to build a simple solar powered vehicle for a high school design thinking class. He solar panel produces about 3.1 V as measured on a multimeter, but will not power the electric motor she had chosen. She tested the motor with a pair of AA batteries (2.9 V on multimeter)...
  2. K

    Odd box that connects to alternator and produces 120 volt DC....

    First off, not an engineer, just invading your forum as no one seems to be able to answer this problem. I have an ambulance/fire marshals vehicle, a 1992 Ford E350 with 7.3 IDI diesel. Pre Powerstroke. It came with a red box in one of the compartments that has no labels or identification. It is...
  3. B

    Dead simple physics question (still a puzzle to me)

    an assumption being that since the M ( that is mass is a constant for the vehicle ) and a being the same as if the vehicle were to have been crashed into a stationary obstacle, that F would be the same as if said vehicle were to have been crashed into a stationary obstacle and not another...
  4. N

    Calculating Motor Load Capacity for a 4kg Vehicle

    TL;DR Summary: I need help with calculating how much a motor will be able to pull. Hi all, I am currently in my first year of engineering and we have a project which requires us to use motors to drive a 4kg max vehicle. I was planning on using the very common yellow DC motors which have...
  5. A

    Direction of static friction between a vehicle and circular dome

    So the only problem I am having is determining the direction of static friction. I did the same problem but while they were going in a vertical circular motion instead, where the static friction force was in the direction of centripetal force (pointing to the center of the circle). Would it be...
  6. A

    B Hanging beads in vehicle turning on horizontal road (constant v and r)

    Neglect any forces within string, except tension.
  7. electrodacus

    I Power available to a wind powered vehicle traveling directly downwind

    I will like the equation describing the amount of wind power available to a wind powered vehicle driving directly downwind. I'm interested in the ideal case so max theoretical power available to a wind only powered vehicle driving directly downwind. I do know what the equation is but I like to...
  8. Saalz

    Engineering Applying Physics to Vehicle Dynamics: Do Wheel Number Matter?

    I was modeling the dynamics of a vehicle for a project, and started doubting about the way of applying physics in this particular case. The thing is, I know the torque in the wheels from the torque the electric motor I designed do provide, multiplied by the gearbox ratio. I also know the...
  9. S

    I Simple lateral vehicle dynamics model

    I have run into a problem when trying to model a simplified vehicle that has three degrees of freedom – roll, vertical and lateral motions. It is represented by a single mass with two links that model the suspension behaviour. The links connect the tyre-to-ground contact points (tc) to the body...
  10. camerart

    Can a Rotary Engine Efficiently Charge Batteries in Hybrid Vehicles?

    Hi, Have you ever tried to invent anything? Long ago, as a school boy after learning about internal combusion engines, I 'invented' a rotary engine. (It had actually been invented in the 19th century) My dad said "If Fords can't do then you can't" So I stopped. Years later I learned about...
  11. shivajikobardan

    Unlocking the Potential of Electric Vehicle Energy Storage: Exploring V2G

    How can electric vehicle deliver energy to grid? This is the one of the few block diagrams that I could see in google. Do you have better one or can you explain this one? If I am not wrong. V2G is basically giving excess charge in your EV back to the grid.
  12. A

    Vehicle cornering behavior and Ackermann geometry

    Dear all, I am writing a vehicle dynamics simulation for my thesis topic. However, I came into a conundrum when testing the cornering behavior of my vehicle. The problem is inherently complex due to its many subsystems, but I'll try to give as much detail without bogging the thread down...
  13. A

    Data sources for Vehicle Dynamics Model validation?

    Hello all, I have written a VDM for my Masters thesis, unfortunately, since I am from a discipline other than mechanical engineering I don't have access to reliable validation material or a way to produce it (moreover, we don't have an actual vehicle testing lab/area at the U that I know of)...
  14. giulioooooh

    Calculating Vehicle Speed based on Downforce (Aerodynamics)

    First off: I'm currently working on an RC car heavily focused on aerodynamics for a Project I'd like to add to my Uni application. I've created a model, ran it through CFD and came up with some numbers. Now I'd love to plot out an equation that displays either speed or acceleration in dependence...
  15. Skinbleu

    What is the maximum line current for an electric vehicle charger?

    Greetings everyone I work at a company that sells chargers for electric vehicles and I’m working on the electrical projects. The chargers I work with, are alternating current (AC) and the main mode here is a three-phase installation 220 V, at 7.04 kW with a current of 32 amps. If the system...
  16. anorlunda

    Scientists train goldfish to drive a fish-operated vehicle

    I'm speechless. Presumably other PF members won't be. :wink: https://arstechnica.com/science/2022/01/goldfish-can-learn-to-drive-and-navigate-terrestrial-environments/
  17. RalphZ

    Automotive Does vehicle weight have an effect on torque capacity of the gearbox?

    Hi, This has long been in my head, I've seen it work out in reality, but I have no idea about the forces involved in this. As I don't have an engineering degree or mathematical knowledge in automotive engineering, I've come here for help. Sorry if I've used some terms where they do not fit, as...
  18. Anand Sivaram

    I Two axis motion for any vehicle

    This question I have been thinking for some time. 1. For an Aircraft we have 4 types of motion. Yaw, Pitch, Roll and Forward Velocity. 2. For a Locomotive, we can say there are only Forward Velocity. No other axis of motion. 3. For a Car, we have the Forward Velocity and Yaw motion (steering...
  19. C

    Choosing a motor for a vehicle

    I'm designing a 4-wheeled vehicle that will be driven by 2 servo motors (rear-wheel direct drive). The maximum torque required will be about 20 Nm (including a factor of safety). Since there will be two driving wheels, this amounts to 10 Nm per wheel. Is it bad to choose 2 motors with 15 Nm...
  20. C

    Automotive Need help calculating load torque and acceleration torque of a vehicle

    Hi everyone, I'm working on designing a vehicle that uses electric motors, but I'm having a little trouble finding the load and acceleration torques in order to select the right motors to use. Variables: m = total mass of vehicle a = acceleration μ_r = rolling friction coefficient r = wheel...
  21. F

    Billing System for Electric Vehicle

    Summary:: How to form an automatic billing system through Bluetooth and mobile phones? For commercial purposes, how can my system automatically signal, calculate the billing value and actually perform the billing or transfer the transaction from a credit or debit card or a bank account? [Note...
  22. E

    This video demonstrates just how far vehicle safety has come

    This following video demonstrates just how far the automotive safety has come over the decades.
  23. R

    Unreasonable values for engine torque in vehicle simulation

    I'm trying to simulate the physics of a Toyota Camry during acceleration with a time granularity of 100ms. My simulated conditions are as follows: m = 1590 kg v = 17 m/s a = 1.5 m/s2 η (transmission efficiency) = 0.85 rwheel = 0.35 m Fdrag = 100 N Ffriction = 260 N Faccel = 1590 kg × 1.5 m/s2 =...
  24. E

    Wheel-driven vehicle goes 503mph

    A wheel-driven vehicle powered by a 5,000 horsepower helicopter turbine engine breaks the land speed record for a vehicle of it's type at a staggering 503 miles per hour.
  25. F

    B What is the entire gear reduction ratio of a vehicle?

    As I was looking in the caracteristics of an old tank, I found a number that I could not get anything of on the web. It is called "entire reduction ratio" and was presented just under the gearbox caracteristics. His value is 1:13.4. My question is : is it useful? Does this value have relation...
  26. P

    Automotive Vehicle Parking Brake Test on a Slope [How Convert to a Flat Ground test?]

    Vehicle Mass : 3 tonnes Manufacturer's instruction is to test vehicle's parking brake effectiveness is to engage parking brake on 30.96 degrees slope. If it holds, it is effective. I do not have 30.96 degrees slope & I want to replicate the same test on flat ground. I was thinking of...
  27. A

    Stabilizer Leg Linear Actuator Force to Jack up a Truck's rear tyres

    Hi, I previously posted about the statically indeterminate truck problem. Thank you to everyone who helped me. However, I now realized that isn't the problem I need to solve. I need to know the force of the linear actuators to lift the rear tyres off the ground. Since the tyres will be...
  28. E

    ABS system on a two-wheeled vehicle - Conservation of Angular Momentun

    Hello, The question I have pertains to conservation of Angular momentum on a motorcycle. I know that the dynamic friction is less than the static friction, so when you are braking on a (say a motorcycle) and the wheels lock up, the bike is bound to fall over. This is the reason ABS (Anti-lock...
  29. D

    Torque calculations for a small electric vehicle

    Hello guys, I'm trying to calculate the torque for a 3 wheeler electric (small vehicle). 2 driving wheels and one driven wheel. At the driving wheels we have a BLDC motor for each wheel. We want to calculate the torque for resting( not going down hill) on inclined plane (angle={5,10,15...
  30. A

    Statically Indeterminate Truck - Finding reaction forces at supports

    If you do the sum of vertical forces and sum of moments, you're always left with an unknown. Vertical Forces: Ray + Rby + Rcy = 59kN + 45kN (1) Sum of Moments about A: (59 x 1.85) - (Rby x 3.7) - (Rcy x 4.8) + (45 x 6.5) = 0...
  31. C

    Average speed needed to flip a vehicle

    Car A hits Car B's passenger side at intersection (T Bone). Car B flips over sideways in the direction of the driver's side. The intersection is basically level. Car A is an Audi 5, roughly 3,900 lbs. Car B is a Lexus NX, roughly 4,000 lbs. Car B had recently stopped and was traveling...
  32. Z

    Tesla cybertruck is it a good electric vehicle

    tesla cybertruck does promise a range of 250 to 500 miles and has 1 - 3 electric motors. Is this a good electric vehicle purely based on just its specs.
  33. jerromyjon

    High voltage coil discharge polarity for vehicle spark plugs

    I've recently had a discussion with fellow technicians in the automotive industry about spark plugs and some systems having "opposite polarity" on the ignition coils. (specifically the secondary coil which sends the high voltage pulse to the plug which sparks the fuel) Common sense tells me...
  34. german_cargo

    Automotive Need help badly -- Hybrid Vehicle

    Summary: Hybrid Vehicle help I'm having a problem with my 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid project. There is a small Motor Electronics Cooling pump that isn't working, and after a while it over heats, trips a sensor, and the computer puts the car into limp mode until it cools off. I have a Factory...
  35. X

    Project Orion-Like Space Vehicle

    Nations prohibit the detonation of nukes in space, but I don’t know there is a better way to use these weapons of mass destruction, than propelling a probe on a interstellar travel at relativistic speeds in the near future. Also, the origin Orion, where all the nukes are carried onboard, will...
  36. X

    SpaceX More details about next-gen 18m SpaceX launch vehicle

    Some days ago, Elon said they will have a 18-diameter spacecraft later. People online think it as a enlarged version of Starship/Superheavy, exactly twice the size, 10 times the power. However, there is no way that thing can even lift off ground (twice the height means one half the TWR) , and...
  37. Like Tony Stark

    Vehicle moving along a path tangent to the Earth surface

    Here I have some problems. I get confused when it says"with respect to the path", is it different from "with respect to the earth"? Because the path is on the Earth. Then, the vehicle is not accelerated in the vertical direction because it moves along the path, is it?
  38. X

    Could an Electrostatic Lift Vehicle Transfer the Earth's Atmosphere to the Moon?

    Except for railguns every space launch method we have (at least partially) built has been based on the rocket engine. But with the Earth Moon system we have an opportunity to use another method. Put a 6GeV ion beam accelerator on the Moon, and transfer 400000C of charge to the Earth. This sets...
  39. J

    Torque required at the wheels to accelerate a vehicle at a certain rate?

    I'm struggling to understand something basic here. If I have a just a wheel, with mass 10kg, and radius 0.25m, and I specify that the CG is accelerating linearly at 1ms-2, how do I calculate the force needed to do this? Using F = ma gives 10N, but using this value for torque calculation on the...
  40. M

    Centripetal force on a vehicle while cornering

    According to the Newton's third law "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." When a car (or a bike) turns, How does the car (bike) exert force outward (in the opposite direction of centripetal friction force)?
  41. Jason Louison

    Straight-Line Vehicle Motion problem

    Summary: Impossible System? Hello, I am trying to simulate the dynamics of a vehicle accelerating from a standstill to top speed. The vehicle acceleration equation is: Av = (Ft+Ff)/m Where Ft = Traction Force, Ff = Friction Force (From Drag and Rolling Resistance), and m = Vehicle Mass My...
  42. S

    Quadratic equation help (Time when one vehicle passes another)

    Sample Problem 2.04 Drag race of car and motorcycle I was following all the way up to using the quadratic equation for this problem...(please see img for a more detailed attempt at a solution.) So I may have simplified incorrectly here: but I came up with 2.8t^2-(58.8)t+408.1=0 but when...
  43. arescarmen

    [Air resistance of vehicle] Can anyone me?

    I checked the answer, and it is not correct. Is it something wrong?
  44. Thathrooban

    I How to select gear/sprocket ratios for vehicle?

    The mass of vehicle with driver is 150kg. The specification of motor are 12kw, 27Nm torque, using 110/80 R17 wheels . 1. what is the general consideration to do transmission calculations of bikes 2.How to select gear ratios and sprocket ratio?
  45. jim hardy

    Auto/Motor Toyota paint code -- Here is where to find it on the vehicle

    Today i learned where to find the Toyota paint code. It's on the VIN sticker which is on driver's side doorjamb. Bottom left corner of the sticker has a "T/C" followed by a 3 character code. If anybody needs some touchup paint for a gray Toyota with code 1H5 i have a fresh 1 oz vial that i will...
  46. jack action

    Insights When Vehicle Power Dictates Acceleration - Comments

    Greg Bernhardt submitted a new blog post When Vehicle Power Dictates Acceleration Continue reading the Original Blog Post.
  47. gfd43tg

    Vehicle speed data historian

    I think it would be great if cars software could historize data such as speed, using turn signals, etc which can be used in court to prove/disprove if someone was in fact speeding or didn’t use their turn signal. Why haven’t companies moved this way yet?
  48. S

    Missing info from this question? (Max. acceleration possible for a vehicle)

    Homework Statement Two-thirds of the weight of a 2000 kg car rests on the drive wheels. What is the maximum acceleration of this car on a concrete surface? Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution Shouldnt I have been provided mu, the coeeficient for friction? Its a mastering physics...