What is Tracking: Definition and 116 Discussions

Web tracking is the practice by which operators of websites and third parties collect, store and share information about visitors’ activities on the World Wide Web. Analysis of a user's behaviour may be used to provide content that enables the operator to infer their preferences and may be of interest to various parties, such as advertisers. Web tracking can be part of visitor management.

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  1. jedishrfu

    Recent Linux News and Intel Indirect Branch Tracking

    https://www.phoronix.com/news/Linux-IBT-By-Default-Tip IBT is part to Control Flow Integrity strategy/standard: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Control-flow_integrity
  2. M

    Machine learning with image tracking of a line

    Hi PF! At the bottom of a transparent cup full of water is a hole where water drains. The cup is sloshed, so the gas-water interface is not flat. Are there any techniques you're aware of that implement machine learning to track the interface? My current technique not using ML is: 1) splice...
  3. A

    Tracking significant figures through a complicated problem

    In general I think I follow significant figures. On one and two step problems I don't really have such a problem but I seem to constantly miss points because I get lost in complicated ones. I'm hoping I can understand more as getting into science means getting friendly with these. Let's suppose...
  4. W

    (App for) Tracking Lost Android Phones?

    Hi All, Can anyone recommend a free/cheap app to track lost Android phones? Did a search and saw a few sources but wanted to see if someone here can personally recommend. In case it helps, its an LG K8.
  5. .Scott

    Global Detection & Tracking any Aircraft Anywhere Anytime spots MH370

    The "Weak Signal Propagation Reporter" (WSPR) has been used in combination with other tracking methods by Richard Godfrey to refine the initial path of flight MH370 in March 2014. That flight disappeared in the Indian Ocean and two extensive underwater searches were unable to locate it. WSPR...
  6. D

    Tracking thermal expansion of an aluminium load cell

    Hi all, I am having trouble getting repeatable results from a linear regression formula that simply uses temperature vs load cell output especially with rapidly increasing/decreasing temperatures. This appears to be a result of the thermal co-efficient of our temperature sensor being almost...
  7. S

    Mathematica Tracking dynamic markers across plots (Mathematica)

    Let's say we have a rectangular plot of two curves X(t) and Y(t); and next to it we have a parametric plot of (X(t) , Y(t)). Now we want to add a slider that can control markers on both plots, so that the slider ( = ts) moves two markers X(ts) and Y(ts) across the rectangular plot and at the...
  8. S

    Is Unacast tracking the location of your phone?

    The Unacast website https://www.unacast.com/covid19/social-distancing-scoreboard purports to rate how well states are doing with social distancing by tracking the location of cell phones. Any estimate of what fraction of cell phones in the US they can track?
  9. theycallmevirgo

    Tracking pieces for robot chess

    Our school got a robot arm and I was thinking of teaching it to play chess. AI chess is a solved problem, so is moving the arm around. However, I was hoping to at least try to use regular pieces. It would be easy enough to do it with markers, but physical pieces would need to be identified and...
  10. og_ogun_srvs

    Current or Power Reference Tracking with Power Electronics Converters

    Hi. This is my first post. Thanks to all who give it a look. I am working on an application that has very stringent power output requirements. There is a rechargeable battery that I am trying to manage through a bi-directional boost/buck converter as is typical of many modern-day electric...
  11. W

    I Uncertainty Principle in the context of tracking particle paths

    I have a bit of confusion regarding the application of the uncertainty principle in the context of experiments. If a detector allows you to measure a particle's path through said detector, does that mean that you know a particle's position at all points in time, and are able to work out its...
  12. C

    Tracking Spread of a water jet out of a downward-facing pipe

    Hey folks, I'm back with a new question. If I have a pipe of known diameter, with a known volume of water at a known pressure discharging downwards into atmosphere, how can I calculate the radius of its "spread". That is, how can I find what area beneath the discharging pipe is being covered...
  13. R

    I Multiple hypothesis testing for radar tracking in clutter

    Hello All, The goal is to formulate a multiple hypothesis test for a radar tracking problem when false alarms are occurring and to apply a particle filter on this update step, however I first need to come to/understand the multiple hypothesis formulation in this problem. Say we are interested...
  14. R

    Probabilistic data association with a particle filter

    Homework Statement Hello everyone, I have to implement a probabilistic data association filter with a particle filter. I have already implemented a PDAF based on the Kalman filter. The assignment considers a radar (range,angle) tracker. With the state s containing the x, y position and the x...
  15. F

    Optical How to Use a Laser Beam for Measuring Machine Guide Way Flatness?

    Hello all, I want to use a laser beam as a straightness standard for use in measuring flatness of a machine guide way which is about 2 meters long. I'm envisioning a low power laser pointed at the sensor of a digital camera which moves laterally along the imperfect guide way. The waviness...
  16. Z

    MHB Is there a more reliable way to track a pulse in real time?

    Hi. I hope someone can assist me? I have a sensor that is being used to detect a pulse triggered from a point on the surface of a disk rotating past the sensor. I am processing the data in real time to determine if the values would count as a pulse so that I can count up the number of...
  17. BillTre

    NASA Contoversy about NASA's Asteroid Tracking

    Nathan Myhrvold has raised questions about the accuracy of data NASA uses to track asteroids that may impact the earth. Myhrvold is a former Microsoft chief technologist and a guy with many diverse interests. Specifically he has questioned the size information and how it was derived. This...
  18. kolleamm

    Stargazing A good telescope with tracking for deep sky objects

    I've had a refractor telescope and I've managed to get some okay photos of them moon and jupiter. The only thing it lacked however was a tracking system. I would really like to buy a low maintence telescope that has a straightforward tracking system I can use to take pictures of things such as...
  19. MarkFL

    MHB Tracking Hurricane Irma: Potential US Impact in a Week

    From CNN: Powerful Hurricane Irma is rapidly intensifying in the open Atlantic and poses a major threat to the Caribbean and potentially to the United States next week. With the storm still five days away from the outermost Caribbean islands and at least a week away from any potential US...
  20. S

    Tuning for force tracking in MR (Magneto-Rheological) dampers

    I already create MR damper modelling by using non-parametric linearised data driven (NPLDD) double input model. The hysteresis curve behavior is 99.9% followed as per experimental data, Figure below: Then, by using this model, I had created closed loop model for force tracking control. The...
  21. M

    Tracking Encoder and Component Slippage

    Trying to identify a method of improving angular repeat-ability and reliability of our measurement devices. The way this will be done, is by doing research and utilize an alternative form of measurement and detection. This method will involves adding a sensor to the existing fixtures and...
  22. Alexanddros81

    Pytels Dynamics 12.25: Plane tracking

    Homework Statement the plane C is being tracked by radar stations A and B. At the instant shown, the triangle ABC lies in the vertical plane, and the radar readings are θA=30o, θB = 22o, θA(dot) = 0.026rad/s and θΒ(dot) = 0.032rad/s. Determine (a) the altitude y; (b) the speed v; and (c) the...
  23. sammy g

    I Best shape for photon tracking software

    I need to determine the best boundary shape for tracking photons being emitted from a cesium 137 DISK SOURCE that would be hitting a POINT DETECTOR 50 cm away. The cesium is not contained by anything, it is only traveling through air. What I mean by boundary shape is: the software tracks...
  24. Z

    NASA NASA Flight Tracking Station: The Guaymas Story (1967)

    NASA Flight Tracking Station: The Guaymas Story - 1967 Educational Documentary wdtvlive42 - Archive Footage Published on Apr 10, 2017 This film provides a detailed description of the operations of NASA's (National Aeronautics and Space Administration's) manned flight tracking station in...
  25. Dr Transport

    Looking for a new calendar/planner for next year

    Here we are, the end of the year and it is time to think about how I will track my commitments/time/to-do lists for next year. For about the past decade plus I have been a Molskine (http://www.moleskinerie.com/), either daily or weekly planner. I am considering a Hobonichi Techo Planner...
  26. E

    Tracking Fusion Progress and Performance Gains

    There are a number of fusion threads, but no ongoing coverage of progress in the space, which continues apace. It would be useful to maintain a summary of the current efforts and the high water mark performances achieved. Afaik, the rate of gain to date suggests that performance (measured by...
  27. Andy Resnick

    Stargazing Can Pluto be seen with amateur telescopes?

    Clear skies are gone for the winter, here's as much as I was able to get. Next summer I may have a chance at Pluto. First one is Uranus, next one is Neptune- they look a little different because I scaled them differently to fit. Enjoy!
  28. Eagle9

    Seeking free software for animal behavior tracking

    Good day guys :smile: I need to conduct the behavioral tests on rats. I need some free program for social behavior; the program should be able to track two rats simultaneously, their movement trajectories and time spent by these animals when they are close or far to each other (and to analyse...
  29. D

    Solar tracking system for solar panel

    Hi everyone i am working on a solar tracking system for a.solar panel that i made wheighting about 30kg , i was wondering where to start looking for books where they may give examples of.such devices with mechanisms and control theory or if.by any chance you have knowledge on the subject and...
  30. G

    Technology behind camera drones with "follow" function

    Hi. Most modern camera quadcopters (drones) have a "follow" function, allowing them to follow and film a person. The DJI Phantom 4 does this by optical tracking, most other brands require that the person carry a smartphone or other wearable. How does this work? I assume the smartphone or...
  31. K

    Track Movement of Spherical Mass with 3 Contact Points

    Hello! I'm having a little problem to figure out the rotation of a spherical mass, maybe you have more clear ideas! Imagine to have a sphere laying (just it weight) on a support with three contact point: 1) one wheel, that has an external torque apply. 2) helping support that touch the sphere...
  32. N

    Modeling an electric circuit by tracking individual charges

    Hello, Given a simple electric circuit like the one below (taken from Wikipedia) If we were to start from tracking all the forces acting on each individual free electron in the circuit, would it be possible to eventually find all the currents and voltages acting in the circuit? Probably a...
  33. J

    Tracking Micronutrients in Anaerobic Bioreactor System

    How can we make a mathematical model for tracking micronutrients in an anaerobic system (Bioreactor) that has different chambers. The feeding ( Sargassum spp.) inters in the first chamber and should pass through the system 'til the last chamber. We know the concentration of micronutrients( Fe...
  34. gjonesy

    Mobile technology Question -- tracking cellphone location

    I know quite a bit about tracking cell phones that are network contract phones. I need to know if it is possible to track a prepaid cell phone. I have heard that there are apps you can down load to a prepaid and there is a pay site that can then track the app on the phone. Has anyone had any...
  35. R

    MATLAB Single vehicle tracking using Fourier transform-MATLAB

    I am working on a project which is based on importance of phase only reconstruction of a signal obtained from fft. Now ,I have detected vehicles from the Video of Traffic on road taken using stationary camera ( Please download the 1.47 MB video for testing MATLAB Code by ( step1) click on the...
  36. T

    Tracking down Phil Trans xxxv 637

    I've been doing some study and repeatedly end up again at Bradley's experiments that discovered the way gamma draconis fluctuated in angle to the tune of 20 arc-seconds per year. I've been trying to track down a bunch of questions on this, but have not succeeded, so I thought I would see if I...
  37. J

    Centripal Force - Friction needed to keep a car tracking a curve

    Homework Statement The question is- What is the minimum coefficient of static friction that would keep the car from sliding off the curve? The Cars mass is 13500KG and it is traveling at 50.0hm/hr(13.9m/s) and the curve has a radius of 2.00 x102 m. I know the centripetal acceleration of the car...
  38. Z

    Tracking states of randomness with three states

    I know that matter can only exist in one state at a time; however at the quantum level knowing what state it is in at a set time is impossible to know for sure until you look at the system. Like with how Schrodinger cat is in a state of randomness between the two states of dead and alive until...
  39. N

    Help needed in prototype/tracking footwork and wrist motion

    I would like to create a device that tracks the position of the feet relative to the wrist. This is to be used outdoors for people that play sports and it is to be confined within an area of 15x30 meters. The idea is for specific times, not continuously, know the relative position of the wrist...
  40. N

    Maximum Power Point Tracking for Solar Cell

    have two solar cells which I have connected in Parallel to increase the current provided to the system. I want to calculate the maximum Power point tracking for my solar cells. There was no information provided by the seller except the one below. I have attached the open circuit reading of...
  41. A

    Tracking flight 370 : Can we use satellite images to find it?

    I think we can find flight 370 if we have satellite images of the flight. The question is, do we have any such images of the actual flight as it was in progress? It was a clear night. Even if the images are low resolution, as long as the color of the plane is distinguishable from its...
  42. E

    MHB Tracking Kool-Aid Through Lakes Alpha & Beta

    Suppose the clean water of a stream flows into Lake Alpha, then into Lake Beta, and then further downstream. The in and out flow for each lake is 500 liters per hour. Lake Alpha contains 400 thousand liters of water, and Lake Beta contains 200 thousand liters of water. A truck with 200 kilograms...
  43. A

    Is there a object tracking software?

    I'm doing experiment of a small moving object. The observation is made through a digital camera with microscope installed in front. I want to study the motion of it and I already recorded a video of it's motion. The next thing comes to track the trajectory and record the position of the object...
  44. N

    Tracking a Falling Ball: Investigating Radius Over Time

    Homework Statement We have got a ball of radius r, which is falling from the roof of the house. How is the radius r with respect to time? We are looking at the ball directly from above and ball is at the beginning of fall x from our eyes. Neglect air resistance. Homework Equations I'm...
  45. I

    Designing a rf based tracking robot

    i am trying to design a robot which can track a transmitter which produces rf signals in a given range of frequencies(example:- 400-900 MHz). i want to know the following details. 1. i have a design of wireless robot with A433MHz RF modules. i need to change the frequency of transmission...
  46. Y

    Tracking Diabatic States in a numerically produced energy spectrum

    I have diagonalized a Hamiltonian matrix many times with a varying parameter (varying magnetic field). This gives me the eigenstates and eigenvalues of the matrix for the different field values. I now need to track the diabatic states through (avoided) level crossings of the eigenvalues...
  47. G

    Tracking the position of trebuchet payload

    Homework Statement For the parts of the Trebuchet shown, develop expressions for the position, velocity, and acceleration, x, x', and x'' of the payload as a function of the arm angle θ and its derivatives θ', θ''. Use the vector tools in Mathematica to help develop the expressions...
  48. F

    Can a Garmin GPS be turned into a DIY tracking device?

    I was looking through some recent catalogs from electronic stores and a new thing they are trying to hitch is the GPS car tracking devices. There is a major flaw in the system for anonymity, you have to register with a " air time" service to add tracking days and such. For 139 dollars I was...
  49. H

    Medical Tracking Research as a Layman (Help Appreciated)

    A recent abstract discusses the first report ever of the remission of an autoimmune disease from which I suffer, ankylosing spondylitis. As a layman without access to subscriptions to professional journals, I was wondering if there might be any posters who are aware of the best internet sites...
  50. T

    Comp Sci FORTRAN 90 Tracking cumulative emissions read in as annual emissions from a txt file

    Homework Statement I am attempting to modify an original set of code which uses a spline interpolator to plot a curve representing cumulative emissions (and its derivative annual emissions). The goal is to read in the historical emissions (from histem.txt) and then track the cumulative...