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Skipping numbers in lists in Mathematica

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    I am new to mathematica, and part of the program I have to write includes reading a file and manipulating the data for research. This file has around 22,000 numbers listed in it. I've already figured out how to look at those numbers and generate a histogram. However, what if I want to skip over numbers, meaning that now I want to read every 256th number until the end of my data set and save it each time under the same name, i.e data1, so I can generate a new histogram with these numbers. I've already tried the takedata option, without much luck.

    I'd appreciate any help.
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    One simple way to do it would be to write a For [ ] - loop over your data with the appropriate incrementation and writing the operation (the save) in the body of the for-statement.
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    Okay, I figured out how to skip numbers by using a Do loop.

    Here's my code so far...

    However, I need to evaluate this 256 times where initobs = 1,2...256. I tried to put this whole expression in a do loop, so that it could output 256 different list for different values of initobs, but it doesn't work. What am I doing wrong?
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