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Slovak teen who would love to get into science

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    So I am a 17 years old girl from Slovak Republic. Central Europe, or Eastern. I do not really know, classifications differ. Forgive me for my grammar and spelling (I use UK spelling because that is what I have learned in school.)
    I am one year away from "maturita", aka exams in my country that will finish my high school education. I visit gymnasium, which is like a general school here? It prepares for further study on university, and does not specialize. But... well. The education in my country is terrible and I hardly know anything about actual science. Especially Maths and Physics. I did not have a decent lesson of Physics in what? 2 years? Our current teacher enjoys talking about morality, football and women who do not belong in science too much.
    And that is why I joined this forum! Because I like knowledge and I like science, but I have no idea where to start my self-education. I really want to study genetics and molecular cytology. Biochemistry.
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    I have just signed up in this forum ,and I am on your same boat too (I am on a gap year and I haven't someone to help me)! Don't let your environment stop you and let the love of knowledge be your guide !

    By the way,welcome !
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    Please remove the "stupid" in the title. It doesn't do you justice.

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    Hello! I am pretty nervous replying as I have this nasty social awkwardness... But thank you for the answers!
    I feel really uncomfortable removing stupid from the title, because it does describe the reality. My education is currently really low and I am really trying to rectify that, but for now, my knowledge remains shallow.
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    I believe you are not unique in this regard.

    That's up to you, of course. However, in my opinion being stupid and lacking knowledge are two different things. In particular, the latter does not imply the former.
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    Welcome, I myself recently joined, I have similar circumstances where I am behind the course I am attending , though our school system is great in Sweden. Due to personal reasons I quit school and threw myself a few months ago back into school ^•^
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    Hello! Wow Sweden - I really want to go there once in my life. I wish you luck!
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    Good luck to you. I think you've come to a good place. Lots of people will be very happy to help you.
    It will be good to have more discussion on Biology as well as the Physics and Maths.
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