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Slumdog Millioraire - How close is it to

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    "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    real life in India? Is this it?

    Does it, the movie, http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1010048/" [Broken] depict the sentiments in India?

    I know there are quite a few Indian people frequenting this board, so please chime in and clarify some issues I have.

    - How prevalent is the caste system nowadays?

    I saw "Slumdog Millioraire" for the first time yesterday, and quite frankly, I was shocked.

    I gather there is not much respect amongst Indian peoples of different "classes", disrespect seems to be a "given". Where does India "fit in" in our, oh so "developed society" nowadays?

    I'm at a loss here.
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    Re: "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    I have a friend who is a female Indian. She says the movie portrays some parts of India very well. Of course there are always going to be those other areas where these cultural values are 'less' prevelant but the way she made it sound for the most part it is true.

    The caste system is also still used she explained it to me. Her family is a bit more relaxed about it though (they live in Canada) as her current boyfriend is from a lower ranking caste (hers is actually one of the highest). She says her family will probably care when they find out but she doesn't think they will force her to do anything based on her 'status'. If anything it would be based on other factors.
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    Re: "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    Rent the "Namesake" and "Bride and Prejudice" :)
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    Re: "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    No one knows...
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    Re: "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    Was that a typo? Do you mean "Pride and Prejudice"?

    I haven't seen the movie in question. However, Indian casting is alive an well in America among Indians, by the way. The subliminal body language is stark if you have had a chance to take notice. High caste Indians as young as 30 in the US have been taught their innate superiority as children and it sticks. My database consists of 6 high caste individuals; 6 out of 6 displaying internalized beliefs of superiority.

    Amazing things happen if you attempt to shake hands with such individuals. They undergo some awesome culture clashing that dances behind their eyes. More than once, my automatic reactions of respect have caused internal alarm. In my ignorance I left one poor fellow disjoint for weeks, soul searching his role as an Indian in America. This English tradition is fundamentally at odds with Indian tradition where the higher castes are contaminated by bodily contact with us low-lifers, requiring bodily and spiritual cleansing.
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    Re: "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    it's an awesome bollywood movie I saw in toronto last winter :biggrin:
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    Re: "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    Do you think this movie is indicative of a caste revolution in India akin to the sexual or racial revolutions in America?
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    Re: "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    I'm from India (lived there for 10 years), and I can tell you that the caste system is close to non-existent in the developed cities. In fact, in my 10 years there, I've never met a person expressing such sentiments.
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    Re: "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    I live in Chennai, India, and I can safely state that the caste system is still well and alive in the present day.

    I myself am supposed to belong to a family of a higher caste, and I have seen my own family members talk about inter-caste marriages as if it were a crime. Even inter-caste marriages between higher castes is looked down upon. However, it really depends on who you choose to associate with. I have met many people who have no such feelings or sentiments, and most of them were the educated affluent, but I have seen exceptions on both sides.

    However, I have hardly seen the caste system affect anyone in normal life, at least in the part of society I am familiar with. I am 19, in my first year of college, and I have never seen caste as an issue in any incident in all my years of schooling. Among my generation, and I speak for those who are somewhat well off and educated, the caste system is nearly dead.

    I really cannot speak for the whole of India however, the caste system is still taken very seriously by large parts of the population I suppose, as politicians here tend to win elections using caste-based vote bank politics, There is also a caste-based quota system in existence for appointment to government jobs, and for admission to state run higher educational institutions.
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    Re: "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    The stupid system is still very much in place, alive & still raring because of some stupid a** politicians who manipulate the uneducated masses of India.

    Well really its not they who started it. Caste system existed in India forever as i far as i know. It is supposed to originate from the god books(like you guys have bible & those things), it says that the god is divided into 4 parts, head hands torso & legs, & so follows the hierarchy of caste system in same order.

    More that region, religion, color, language, sex, india is divided on caste basis. there are just innumerable sub categories. People dont marry in different caste, dont intermingle with them, heck dont even want to have them as neighbours(be it any caste). ehh. talk about interracial stuff;))

    Pretty bad as it already was, government was like, ehh. we are the politiicians!! how can the caste system be worse than us, so lets manipulate it. So the country got its reservation practices based on caste. So called lower castes were categorised in Scheduled caste/ scheduled tribe & other backward castes(OBCs) and as of now, the complete government structure has full fledged army of working class of people who were not competent enough but were given access because of being from the lower caste. Now they would say"err. it would uplift them". And what has happened in last 40-45 years? more & more people demand that their caste gets recognised as SC,ST or OBCs so that they too can avail the *advantages*.
    what can be more funny & sad?

    That being said, yes the educated class does show some reluctance to accept caste system, they do seem to be moving, BUT it is still there, alive.

    Riches & poor equally enjoy the goodies of the flawed system. Until & unless we get a very strong personality at the top, the entire system is doomed to go down, sooner or later
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    Re: "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    Different people have different prejudices. Racism was "officially" prevalent in America a few tens of years before. I still don't think inter-racial marriages are very common there. When i read about Eugenics and how the apparently civilized, educated and wise men like Bernard Shaw supported it, i really think whether such disgusting practices are confined to India and other such stereotyped countries.
    Indian civilization is thousands of years old and the caste system wouldn't die without a fight before another set of "decent" prejudices and "widely accepted beliefs" take over.
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    Re: "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    And slumdog is a film that was aimed to give the people around the world-including the Oscar judges- the message that what they think about India is absolutely right.. A single person gets affected by all the problems and embarrassments of a nation within these 23 years (or 2 hours). Nothing should be missed, the filmmakers decided. From the sh*t-dwelling people to the BPOs..
    I am assuring you that there many beautiful people here; like me :)
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    Re: "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    No, inter-racial racial relationshipshttp://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/18090277/" [Broken]. Our President is the product of such a union.

    Eugenics hasn't been an accepted dogma for...maybe 90 years? In American culture, that's an eternity. I bet the majority of Americans don't even know what it is.
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    Re: "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    Eugenics "was" widely accepted.. Not now.
    And do you really think no white in America has any reluctance in marrying a black? Truth please. What i am trying to say is that people irrespective of their nationality tend to stick to some belief and hold onto it. Laws and rulings cant change mindsets.
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    Re: "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    Nothing is perfect. There are many movies that addressed the racism issue in America so I think there is nothing wrong with the "Slumdog" movie itself. But then people who don't know much about other cultures/the world shouldn't watch these kind of movies. Something like Indians developing conclusions about America and American culture based on what they saw in one movie.
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    Re: "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    The thing that differentiates the two cases is that slumdog movie wasn't taken by an Indian nor was it taken by a foreigner who did some thorough research on the related problems by being in India for several years. I would be happy if someone would prove my claim wrong.
  19. Nov 16, 2009 #18
    Re: "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    Are you saying that they just made up some of the issues that do not exist in India?
  20. Nov 16, 2009 #19
    Re: "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    I can take a love story of two Americans. I have never been there. It would suck. That doesn't mean there is no love in the US right?
    Filming is not about portraying something. Its about how you portray it.
  21. Nov 16, 2009 #20
    Re: "Slumdog Millioraire" - How close is it to

    I understand what you are trying to say. I agree that an Indian (who knows more about his/her culture than that he/she is an Indian) or a foreigner who have done extensive research on Indian culture would have portrayed the culture/issues in different fashion.
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