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B So Schrodinger's cat is a gambler

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    ok ill use a cat instead of a person for would be ugly to kill a person even in the imagination though a cat doesnt know how to gamble:

    shrodinger cat is playing french roulete and every time he loses the life terminating device with a 50% chance is activated

    what would happen from the perspective of the cat?

    would his chances to win at roulette increase?

    as i see it every time he wins there are two winning cats in two different worlds while when he loses just one living cat remains

    so supposing the many world theory true he has double chance to win than to lose

    what quantum school would make this true?
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    Neither Schrodinger's cat nor the many-worlds interpretation work the way you think they do, so the questions you're asking here don't make much sense. Two things that you may want to try:
    1) Read through some of the many past threads here about Schrodinger's cat.
    2) Find and read a book that accurately presents quantum mechanics. You could do worse than Giancarlo Ghiradi's "Sneaking a look at God's cards".

    This thread is closed, although as usual anyone can ask any mentor to reopen it if there is more that needs ot be said.
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