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Sociophysics , econophysics, or any other non-physical field of physics

  1. Aug 8, 2006 #1
    "Sociophysics", econophysics, or any other non-physical field of physics

    Right now I'm going through my career options. I'm pretty sure I want to do research in the physical sciences, but I also have interests in other non-physical science fields, such as politics and economics. I'm just now becoming aware of econophysics, sociophysics, etc., and would like to maybe one day do something in the private sector that explores these fields in maybe a think tank fashion (big dreams, I know). I was wondering if anyone here could name some more of these fields, point me to some research that has been done in them, or maybe give some analogies between physical systems and sociological/economic/etc. systems.
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    quantitative finance/operation systems. You should check out a book called "My Life as a Quant" by Emmanuel Derman. Also, check out wilmott forums. It has great information about quantitative finance/econophysics.
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    check out SOC systems (self-organized criticality)

    It's a (relatively) new system for describing chaotic systems, and has been used in in sociology, turbulence (physics), power grid logic (engineering), and probably has a lot of unfounded uses.

    One of our professors here at UAF is the bighead on SOC systems. He even did a talk on how it can apply to decision making in the brain.
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