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Socks. So many uncomfortable socks. What do you wear?

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    I'm having a bit of a dilemma with socks. The only kind I've found around here that are comfortable are Gold Toe brand Max Spun. Everything else, expensive to cheap, start to feel like grit or sand after a few minutes. I've tried them all here. Why are socks getting to be so uncomfortable? When my feet are hurting, I'm very disagreeable. But the Max Spun do the trick for me. I can wear those all day. I just hope the store doesn't stop carrying them, that worries me.

    What do you wear? I'm looking for work socks (mostly standing in place for an 8 hour day).

    EDIT: I'm a guy if that matters.
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    For dress I wear CK. For casual I only wear Gold Toe ankle socks.
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    I wear socks made of Pima cotton. And now for a bit of Pima history.

    Pima cotton is a type of cotton grown in the Southwest. It is considered to be one of the superior blends of cotton, and is extremely durable and absorbent. Pima cotton is named after the Pima Native Americans who first cultivated the plant in the US, but its origins date back to its cultivation in Peru.

    Its very soft, yet light weight, feels so good on the toes.
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    There's something wrong with my socks,after wearing them for a week or two they get a bit whiffy.I don't understand it.
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    I'll probably give Pima cotton a try. Sounds promising. Thanks!
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    I really splurge and buy expensive socks that I wear just for running...the kind I like is only available at stores that cater to runners. They're about $10 a pair :eek: but keeping my feet happy is very important.
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    Pringle socks are nice and comfy but they can be expensive.
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    I wear New Balance Athletic socks. Luckily, my wife works for NB, so she gets pretty nice discounts. They are very durable socks and quite comfortable.
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    For dress socks, bamboo socks are amazing.
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    I suffer from lost-sock syndrome so buying really nice socks isn't such a smart thing to do for me considering they keep getting lost/taken :(.
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    I just wear some budget things that W buys for me. I don't know the brand name, but they're white with dark grey toe, heel and sole. A six-pack is about $7.00. My favourite, though, is the MacGregor 'Happy Foot' brand.
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    You probably have a hypersensitive nose. Stuff a pickled jalapeno up each nostril for an hour a day till this problem subsides.
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    I love my Puma ancklet socks. They are nice and comfortable. I work 8+ hours a day, and I love them, they have nice padding (just the right amout). I paid $10 for a pack of 3, I think. It's a great investment.
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