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Homework Help: Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate- What is it?

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    I was wonder what exactly Sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate is?
    How does the formula and shape of this look like? I especaillly don't understand wat dodecylbenzene and sulfonate is, is sulfonate another name for sulfate? Plz help me i'm sooo lost:confused:
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    Have you tried google for the formula and shape?
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    yeah, you could probably find this with google image search (don't trust every image that's displayed though) as it's a popular compound. You can also browse through your organic text, under SN2 reactions, and find it there too (if the compound is what I think it is).
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    O thx, i got the shape now but i'm supposed 2 do a 3D model of it how would i approach that? P.S. does this formula look right Na CH2(CH2)10CH3 SO3?
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