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Software to transform sentences

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    I want to build some software that will transform a formal language from one set of symbols to another. What would be the best software to do that with. Here is one example of what I want to do:

    Say we have

    (x'Hy) BC (x'Hz)

    I need an algorithm to transform that into:

    ((w'Hp) IDx'-z) A ((w'Hp) IDx'-y)

    What that means is: x becomes y means something identifies x with z after something identifies x with y.

    where x' y z w' and p are variables - the apostrophe mark is a part of the variable.

    Here's how I explain the algorithm:

    That which comes before a capital letter is the subject and that which comes after is the object, so in xHy, x is the subject and y is the object. In (xHy) CA (zHw) x is the object of H which is the subject of CA and z is the subject of H which is the object of CA.

    Change BC to A
    replace the subject of BC with its object and replace its object with its subject, in other words:
    (xHy) BC (zHw) would become
    (zHw) BC (xHy)
    replace H with -
    place an ID before the old subject of H, in other words:
    xHy would become IDx-y
    insert a subject before the ID on both sides of the A and the subject must be the same on both sides of the A. The subject must an H and the subject and object can be any variable so long as it is not used. And it also must come between the left parenthesis and the ID
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    I remember I used Perl when I wanted to play around with strings a few years ago. C++ is more elegant, but back then I found Perl's handling of strings easier to work with (for the purposes of what I was trying to do, at any rate, which was comparing two strings and pointing out the differences and calculating the degree of similarity).

    Sorry I can't be more helpful.
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