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Solar System Dynamics, advice for a intern.

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    Hello Physics Forums Community,

    I have completed ODE, 3 semesters of intro Calc, 3 semesters of intro physics, taking linear now.

    I have recently gotten the opportunity to work on little projects with a professor of astrophysics at a university.
    On the first meeting, the professor handed me two packets copied out of Solar system dynamics by Murray and Dermott; Section 6.9 on secular terms from the disturbing function chapter and a section from chapter 2 (the two body problem) on orbit in 3d space.

    The first question given to me to get started : Given a jupiter mass planet on a 3AU orbit with a eccentricity of 0.3 what is the eccentricity induced on a earth mass planet on a 1AU, assume central body is 1 solar mass at (0,0,0)

    I am profoundly confused on how to even begin to find a answer mainly because the mathematics and nomenclature necessary are assumed knowledge that I don't have, If anyone can tell me where to start as far as learning the needed math/theory to understand whats going on and what resources to use I would very much appreciate it.

    Thank You, (MassLengthTime)mltstudnt
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    Can you maybe narrow it down a little for us? Can you give examples of the mathematics and nomenclature you aren't getting? This'll help us figure out where to point you.
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