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Solar taurus 60 manual's

  1. May 28, 2010 #1
    I need a "SOLAR TAURUS 60" gas turbine operating and maintenance manual.

    Does any body know who could sell me it or where can i have it??
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    I don't have a cat/solar dealer. I need somebody that have tihs available for sale or something like, maybe in pdf ...
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    does anybody knows where can I buy it?
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    You can buy it from a Cat/Solar dealer! Go to the link I posted, find the one nearest to you, and give them a call. They'll send one out.
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    thanks again man..

    but... to have one handbook from a dealer you have to be owner of a solar taurus 60 and pass to him your serial number, right??

    in my case I don't have it..

    so I need some used handbook of someone that realy have one of this... or maybe a copy..
    if somebody here knows someone who could sell me it... please tell me and give me the necessary informations to make contact whit this person
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    Manufacturer's service manuals are usually copyrighted material and it is against the law to copy the manuals and give it to someone else. They have the right to control who can gain access to the information and even who can perform work on their product. In your case you have to provide a S/N to prove you actually own an engine.

    See the following ruling:
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