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Solar wobble - what are the effects of Jupiter and Saturn?

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    I came across this excellent forum :)

    I am trying to figure out the solar wobble. When only looking at the Sun+Jupiter+Saturn, my intuitive interpretation is that the Sun will go faster/wobble more at Jupiter-Saturn-conjunction, and slower at oppositions. Is this correct?

    If so, there seems to be an acceleration? Does the Sun "feel" this acceleration in any way? Or is it in "free fall" and does not experience any real force?

    If the sun accelerates, would it have any kind of differential effect, so that the Sun is deformed or the flows on the Sun are affected?

    Or does the Sun only experience the normal tidal force from Jupiter (while Saturn has a negligible tidal effect)?

    Would be pleased to hear any opinions :)
    JAn, Norway
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    Isaac Newton discovered that the solar system revolves around its center of mass. This is sometimes outside of the Sun. The bodies experience gravity as free fall. I would think that tidal forces are very small.
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