What is Effects: Definition and 1000 Discussions

An effects unit or effects pedal is an electronic device that alters the sound of a musical instrument or other audio source through audio signal processing.
Common effects include distortion/overdrive, often used with electric guitar in electric blues and rock music; dynamic effects such as volume pedals and compressors, which affect loudness; filters such as wah-wah pedals and graphic equalizers, which modify frequency ranges; modulation effects, such as chorus, flangers and phasers; pitch effects such as pitch shifters; and time effects, such as reverb and delay, which create echoing sounds and emulate the sound of different spaces.Most modern effects use solid-state electronics or digital signal processors. Some effects, particularly older ones such as Leslie speakers and spring reverbs, use mechanical components or vacuum tubes. Effects are often used as stompboxes, typically placed on the floor and controlled with footswitches. They may also be built into guitar amplifiers, instruments (such as the Hammond B-3 organ), tabletop units designed for DJs and record producers, and rackmounts, and are widely used as audio plug-ins in such common formats as VST, AAX, and AU.
Musicians, audio engineers and record producers use effects units during live performances or in the studio, typically with electric guitar, bass guitar, electronic keyboard or electric piano. While effects are most frequently used with electric or electronic instruments, they can be used with any audio source, such as acoustic instruments, drums, and vocals.

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  1. A

    I How Do Helmholtz Coils Affect Electromagnetic Beam Transmission?

    What would the behavior of an electromagnetic beam (transmission) be if directed through a Helmhotz coil? Is there a different result with a 4 or 6 coil configuration (all orthogonal)? Is there a direct response depending of frequency of the EM transmission (10kHz - 10 GHz) and current being...
  2. dom_quixote

    B Hydrodynamics Effects: Are They the Same?

    Are these hydrodynamic effects the same?
  3. nomadreid

    I Can Quantum Effects Prevent Reaching Absolute Zero?

    In https://phys.org/news/2016-09-cold-black-holes.html it is stated that a supermassive black hole interior could be 10^-14 degrees Kelvin. Is there a limit, perhaps due to quantum effects, below which a temperature (in a black hole or elsewhere) can go? Or do the possibilities approach 0...
  4. A

    Can lasers modify the threshold voltage of power-off transistors?

    Hi, I am a phd student in hardware security, I want to know what is the effect of the laser on power-off transistors and can it modify the threshold voltage of these transistors? And is there an equation that links the laser and the threshold voltage degradation? Sincerely
  5. Malapine

    Local Effects of a Kimberlite Eruption?

    Are there any thoughts on what effects a Kimberlite eruption would have on nearby populations, if one occurred in modern history? They were supposedly quite violent based on the estimated rates of ascent of the diamond-bearing lava, but how does that translate to VEI or megatons, etc. ? [...
  6. xpell

    B Energy needed to stop the Earth's inner core ---and its effects?

    This is not for any kind of homework ---the last time that I went to school was 30+ years ago. However, I am a curious person, I've been asked by other people who know that I love science and I need to calculate this: As you will most possibly know, a misreading of this paper by the media...
  7. C

    I Effects of time dilation for near-speed-of-light travel

    Hello everyone, I've been learning about special relativity, and so far I believe based on what I read that if you are traveling at a velocity of .6c, you will experience time 20 percent slower than people on earth. Each second in the spaceship will be 1.25 earth seconds. Each second on earth...
  8. Anish Joshi

    B Geometrical Optics: Explaining the Effects of Small Wavelengths

    Read this in my textbook:- The reason Geometrical optics works in case of formation of shadows, reflection and rarefaction is that the wavelength of light is much smaller compared to the reflecting/refracting surfaces as well as shadow causing objects that we use in day-to-day life. I...
  9. Leo Liu

    Analyzing the Effects of Battery Position on ##C_m-\alpha## Graph

    I am trying to determine how the addition of a counterweight affects the ##C_m-\alpha## (in longitudinal direction) graph for a model plane project, where the counterweight can be considered as the battery. Suppose we try to place the battery at the back of the current CoM. The new CoM will...
  10. V

    Why are the effects of a magnetized material neglected in this case?

    According to what I know, the net magnetic field ##\vec B## inside a solenoid is given by $$\vec B = \mu_0 \vec H + \mu_0 \vec I$$ where ##\vec B## is the net magnetic field inside a current carrying solenoid, ##\vec H## is the magnetic intensity ( aka magnetic intensity or magnetizing field...
  11. collinsmark

    Diffraction Effects and Artifacts in Telescopes like the JWST

    [Mentor Note -- Discussion spun off from the main JWST thread] Yes, the apparent hexagonal shape of that star is due to the diffraction within the telescope optics (optical filter characteristics may also have played a role). For clarity, we're talking about this star: They are (images...
  12. N

    Effects of extreme pressure on materials

    This is a project I gave myself at work, really just to improve things. It didn't come from above but from myself. However I went the route of biological and computer sciences not engineering. Without going into excruciating detail essentially a plastic "tube" will be going into an oil well...
  13. J

    I Cosmic Event Horizon – Does it have any real effects?

    Using LightCone8 Cosmological Calculator and PLANCK(2018+BAO) data as input, we can get the following result: In the figure, Dhor is the event horizon and Dpar is the radius of the observable universe. Currently (t = 13.79 Gyr) Dhor has a value of 16.58 Gly. Does the event horizon have any...
  14. A

    I Electromagnetic effects in the brain

    good evening gentlemen, for some months I have a problem and maybe it depends on the wind turbines. I live in the countryside and there is a wind farm near my house, and when I am out gardening, when there is strong wind and the blades are spinning fast, I feel strange, as if I fall into a...
  15. LCSphysicist

    A radially pulsating charged sphere creates which of these effects?

    I know that (a) is right, and (b) is wrong. The problem is with (c)... It seems correct to me! I can't see how this is not true. The electric charge o the sphere by itself will create an electric field, which will move the particle.
  16. A

    Effects of brownouts and power spikes on linear power supplies

    What are the effects of brownouts and power spikes on linear power supplies in particular; e.g., a linear power supply that provides 24 V to an inductive angle encoder? Thanks for any information you could provide.
  17. E

    Solvent Effects on Carbazole-Based Hole Transporting Materials

    Hello everybody , In my research study, i am focusing the interprete the effect of solvent on opticals propertie of carbazole based hole transporting materials ,In order to dissolve this materials in different Concentration of solvents ; I have been using Toluene , chlorobenzene and...
  18. e2m2a

    I A Report on the Experimental Results of Inertial Effects

    I have attached [Mentors note: the attachment has been deleted] a paper (patent application number was 63/191,323 confirmation number 2211 filing date 5/20/21) that reports on an experiment that I did that strongly suggests that inertial effects can impact the speed of the center of mass of a...
  19. L

    Medical Health side effects caused by serotonin–dopamine-antagonist-antipsychotics

    It is known that serotonin–dopamine-antagonist-antipsychotics, among many other sideeffects, also commonly cause decrease of libido (for example https://www.drugs.com/sfx/quetiapine-side-effects.html, https://www.drugs.com/sfx/olanzapine-side-effects.html). I know many cases where libido of...
  20. Astronuc

    Toxic mushrooms and fungi, their toxins and effects of poisoning

    A daily recommended article popped up on web-browser page. It was a previously published article from Field & Stream magazine (I also get notifications on Outside Magazine Online). It is useful information for those who like to hike in the woods and gather mushrooms or fungi. 7 Poisonous...
  21. T

    VFD harmonics effects on generator set

    I would like to use VFDs for motor sizes ranging from 0.4kw to 15kw. My idea here is to reduce the generator foot print to the lowest possible value. My thinking is that, theoretically, I could use a 25kva generator set to drive a 20hp motor (80% operating capacity) and since the VFD eliminates...
  22. J

    B Gravitational Time Dilation on Mountaintops: New Member Questions

    New member here; just a physics hobbyist. There is probably a simple answer to this question but I could not find it. We know time flows faster on mountaintops relative to sea level due to gravitational time dilation. Over millions of years, wouldn't there be a cumulative effect making the...
  23. Astronuc

    Understanding SARS-Cov-2, Effects of Covid-19 and the Future

    The original article from Statnews, "Covid hasn’t given up all its secrets. Here are 6 mysteries experts hope to unravel" didn't sound right. SARS-Cov-2 is the virus, Covid-19 (Covid) is the illness (Coronavirus disease) or set of symptoms caused by the virus...
  24. ursonor99

    Impact of AC effects on current density analysis of pcb for 50-60Hz

    Hello , I was looking into current density analysis of a PCB that handles distribution of AC power . from ansys and cadence sites , i realized by current density they refer to DC IR drop that is a pure ohmic analysis that doesn't take into consideration the AC effects . And in order to take this...
  25. K

    I Gravitational Field with Dark Energy: Observable Effects?

    since the cosmological constant observed is that there is a small amount of energy in empty space, and in general relativity anytime there is energy there is curvature and therefore gravity, how to calculate gravitational field with dark energy and does it have any observable effects on matter...
  26. moriah

    Regular Grade Gas and its Effects on Car Engines

    Is regular grade gas detrimental to a car’s engine?
  27. moriah

    Effects of Collision on Car Body/Frame

    Do medium to high level car collisions create cracks/fissures in the frame and body of the car?
  28. I

    I Rotational Orientation of Monatomic Gas: Angular Momentum Effects

    In other words, is there a rotational orientation of each atom in a monatomic gas (and corresponding rotational speed conserving angular momentum) that affects collisions, or does a substance need to have at least 2 atom particles to have the orientation/rotational ability to have particle...
  29. O

    I Entropic effects of the Uncertainty Principle?

    Per the Heisenberg uncertainty principle, a particle does not have a precisely defined location. Does such uncertainty contribute to the transfer of thermal energy (i.e. entropy)? Is uncertainty the primary means for the transfer of thermal energy at the quantum level?
  30. J

    B How do relativistic effects change oscillation of the balance wheel in mechanical watch causing it to tick slower?

    Does mechanical watch ticks slower when move fast, due to relativistic effects? To make watch tick slower you must change oscillation of balance wheel inside watch, so if answer is yes, what myster "force" change balance wheel oscillation in mechanical watch to ticks slower?
  31. S

    How can a human body create such effects on a freezing cold winter day?

    I was in doubt if this is the right chapter to place this thread, but it seems there are many talents just here. "we were observing from a decent distance through optics. The weather was frosty, clear, calm. When хххххх appeared from under the arch of the house (he was хххххххх to walk to the...
  32. A

    B Creep and its effects on a material

    What I do not get is why should a stress much lower than yield point cause deformation in a material? If temperature is high intermolecular attraction is reduced and thus even low stress can deform things. But if it is low Then a force lower than yield point should be less than intermolecular...
  33. MadDog66

    I Simplification of Dark Matter effects

    What would be the distribution galactically, universally etc? How might distribution of DM change if involved forces, masses, energies or other fundamental components of DM occurred at different weights ie: Could there be less but stronger or perhaps "more but weaker" models of DM? What would...
  34. A

    COVID Spike protein stability, effects etc

    Before I say something I want to kindly ask any possible participants to refrain from attacking the personal symptom explanation as untrustworthy or made up as some have done before in another thread. Although I will express my personal side in the thread as such, I am looking for answers from...
  35. P

    Investigating the Effects of a Common Emitter Amplifier

    Summary:: Using a common emitter amplifier to pump up the input voltage, and studying the effects henceforth. Here is a circuit with 0.6V pk-pk input voltage (v_in) for the CE amplifier, 1.17 kHz frequency- For this, without C5 and R9, the AC and DC gain was -10. I was supposed to increase...
  36. G

    I Centrifugal Effects During Rail Launch

    I’m writing a 3DOF sim for a rocket. I’m having a hard time visualizing centrifugal effects from the Earth's rotation on the rocket while it is moving along the rail (acceleration > 0). I know that once it has left the rail I no longer need to account for it since it’s in the ECI frame and...
  37. C

    A Effects of a spatially nonuniform diffusion parameter

    Einstein famously derived his relation between the diffusion constant of Brownian motion, particle mobility in a disippative medium, and temperature by considering Brownian motion in a harmonic oscillator potential. The result, $D = \mu k_BT$, is derived assuming that the mobility $\mu$ is...
  38. Evo

    COVID Covid Side Effects: Unraveling the Neurological & Psychiatric Impacts

    I thought it might be interesting and helpful to put all information on known side effects of Covid in one thread. Please feel free to add any information on side effects here...
  39. BillTre

    Further Geological Effects of Chicxulub Impact Found

    When a giant tsunami wave spread out from the site of the dinosaur killing Chicxulub impact, it left traces of its passing in giant ripples on the seafloor (as described in this news article in Science): The research article is here (but not accessible to me). The size of these ripples is...
  40. G

    Plasma ball and effects luminous

    Are the effects luminous we see in plasma ball come from electron or ions ? Or the two ?
  41. H

    Calculating the Effects of Lens Closeness on Light Refraction

    I know what happens initially, calculated as follows. 1/∞ + 1/q = 1/50, q=50 1/-25 + 1/q = 1/-25, q= ∞ However, how do we know about the after when the two lenses get closer to each other?
  42. A

    Do relativistic effects make the age of the universe moot?

    How can we know the age of the universe, with time dilation due to the mass and velocity of matter which condensed after the big bang. If time passes at different speeds depending where it is perceived, does this not make the age of the universe somewhat moot.
  43. L

    Electromagnetic effects and Magnetic Fields Questions

    1. When two parallel wires carry current in the same direction, they exert equal and opposite attractive forces on each other. 2. ε=lvBsinθ ε=0.02*5*0.1*sin30 ε=0.005 V 3. Well, a conductor moving through a magnetic field has the potential to induce an emf, but this movement must be in such a...
  44. K

    I New paper gravitomagnetism explains dark matter effects

    I'm not sure if this paper belongs in GR or astrophysics but This articleG. O. Ludwig (2021), Galactic Rotation Curve and Dark Matter According to Gravitomagnetism, European Physical Journal C 81:186, DOI 10.1140/epjc/s10052-021-08967-3 there's no need for dark matter,as GR's Gravitomagnetism...
  45. MacWylie

    B Why Aren’t ALL SR Effects Cumulative?

    Why aren’t all the SR effects cumulative like Time Dilation? Why should the Space dimensional effect become null when v—>0 while the Time dimension does not revert back to the 2 frames being in sync if Space and Time are treated on an equal footing. Clearly, Space and Time are not treated on an...
  46. berkeman

    COVID What are the Correlations Between Vaccine Side Effects & Antibody Levels?

    (Sorry if this has already been addressed in one of the other COVID-19 threads. If it has, I can delete my question or merge it into the other thread. Thanks.) I work part-time in EMS, so I was in tier 1A for public vaccinations for COVID-19 here in Northern California. I got my first...
  47. Buckethead

    B The Twins Paradox: Exploring Time Dilations' Effects

    In a thread I started awhile back, in the common twins paradox scenario, it was indicated to me that the actual time (paraphrasing) on Earth for any given time in the ship is basically “undefined” (as it can’t be verified) and/or time dilated (ticking slower) for the trip out and then shifted to...
  48. L

    Comp Sci C++, float and double having different effects on an if statement?

    So I used this statement, if (call_time > 0 && call_time <= 6.59) where the variable was declared as float. What is strange is that it didn't execute for call_time = 6.59, but for some other values, like if (call_time > 0 && call_time <= 2.59) the end value of the range does not cause any...
  49. Y

    Effects of notch's position along a rod that is in tension

    Say I have a rod with a notch at the very centre and another ro with a notch at the very end. Both rods are identical in length radius materials etc. Who would be impacted by the notch more? And if then both were to support a load at the end of the rod (both in tension), what effects would the...
  50. J

    What effects does an electric field have on potential energy?

    Like an electric field is applying a sort of force on a particle. I was wondering if this at all impacts the potential energy of a particle. For instance, when the force of gravity does work on an object, its potential energy changes as a consequence. Would it be the same thing here?