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Solution of a simple Differential Equation

  1. Mar 25, 2008 #1

    I was wondering if anyone could help me solve or even know the type of the differential equation below

    d2x/dt2= k*dy/dt

    I also have

    d2y/dt2= -k*dx/dt

    where k is a constant.

    I need it to find the position x when looking at a particle going through a magnetic field.

    Thanks very much

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    Are you sure about the equation? It has two dependent variables, x and y as functions of t. Because you only have one equation this seems strange.
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    In that case I would suggest differentiating the first ODE with respect to t and then substituting it into the second. Upon substitution, you will obtain a third order homogenous ODE in y which can be solved trivially.
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    I just got the solution on paper. You're too fast Hootenanny...
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    Cheers guys, I think i understand (think i was being a bit dumb) getting confised about my boundary conditions.
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